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  • amanda36c 3:01 pm on February 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    A Camgirl – Exposed! 

    Just because I’m a camgirl doesn’t mean everything in my life revolves around sex. Allow me to dispel some misconceptions:


    I don’t dress like a hooker. Sorry guys.

    I don’t eat bananas seductively in public places. Only at home, and only in front of my husband. Awww dang!

    I’m not the best or the kinkiest in bed. Okay, well, perhaps I just haven’t amassed enough votes. That’s a good thing!

    There isn’t a sexual connotation attached to everything I say. Oh, what the heck am I good for now, eh?

    I don’t shove objects into orifices not intended for them. Beer bottles are for beer drinkers and cucumbers get chopped up for adding to a salad.

    I don’t walk around the house in skimpy lingerie all day. I love my sexy jammies and sweats.

    Conversations don’t begin and end with sex. There are other topics of interest. No, really.


    People that sill feel they must stereotype, go ahead. I understand. Research requires work and it’s just easier to be a lazy fuckass and hey, if you’re wrong, you’ll still have 10,000 bigots agreeing with you! :)



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    I now list the links to all of my blog articles on the sidebar. Just scroll down a tad to see them.

    Reminder: If you wish to contact me, click the big gold Twitter button on the sidebar and you can DM me privately there once I agree to follow you back. Thanks for your co-operation and I hope you are enjoying my blog.

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    Video Theft & A New Name 

    Last night, a guest entered my chatroom with a very interesting tidbit of information.
    I highlighted his part of the conversation. Since I communicate by audio, my part of the conversation is missing. I blurred out the names of the dot coms to prevent the slimeball pimps from knowing what they now need to hide. I’m glad the members are honest and really appreciate when one goes out of his way to help like this. I verified his claim and am planning to take action against these 3 sites, in addition to the list I already have, of sites my content is (and has been) on.


    If you have knowledge about content being sold or promoted on other sites, of a performer that you know, contact that performer and communicate your findings to her privately, where you know prying eyes aren’t watching. For example, her Twitter timeline is not a good idea but a private message in a dm to her is fine. The performer should keep a record of every site her content is on. This will serve her well in the future when she finally decides enough is enough and goes after those stealing her content and livelihood.

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    What Is A Camgirl? 

    Let’s get some things straight here:

    A camgirl doesn’t sell her body for money. She sells video footage of her body for money.

    A camgirl doesn’t meet with customers in a ‘sex for money’ exchange. That is a prostitute’s job.

    Lumping ourselves into the category of ‘sex workers’ isn’t much of a stretch because we do perform acts of a sexual nature for money.

    A camgirl is someone who performs sexual acts in an online environment on herself or others in exchange for money. A camgirl may work solo or with one or more partners.

    To address some common questions about being a camgirl:

    What do camgirls earn?

    Our earnings vary. There is no standard, as there exist too many variables. Like any business venture, what one puts into it generally determines what they will get out of it.

    Does a camgirl’s family and significant other know what they do?

    For the most part, it’s hard to hide from our significant other or close family members when they ask. Relatives think I work on the internet doing webdesign.

    Do camgirls still enjoy sex in real life or does camming take up all their sexual energy?

    It can, at times, slow us down a tad but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

    Do camgirls ever meet their clients?

    Typically, no but it has been known to happen. Some people treat it like they would a chatroom or dating site, taking only minimal precautions. Personally, I would caution anyone considering it to take a good look at the dangers involved due to the stigma and general attitudes toward the sex trade, which have changed very little over the years.

    Why is the per minute rate so high?

    When I started camming, I was earning 50%. Then, over the next few years, I started to notice other sites were paying their girls only 35%. Shortly after, the site I was on decided to stop absorbing chargebacks and refunds. The performers then had a choice; a drop in commission to 35% with no chargebacks and refunds … or it remains at 50%, less chargebacks and refunds.

    But wait, there’s more!

    35% must have been too much to have to pay out to us, so the sites decided to hire a bunch of girls to ‘recruit’ performers. The girl would be paid a few thousand dollars a month to round up enough suckers who were willing to work for commissions far less than 35%. It proved a success. The sites managed to take a higher commission from the performers. See how the commission rate continues to decline? The girls that were earning 35% before, were bumped down in the listings and gaining less exposure (therefore, less traffic to their rooms) in favor of the girls giving the sites that substantially larger cut. Thankfully, the sites did still allow the 35%ers to get in on the big stiff, signing up through one of those hired recruiters,becoming a recruitee and earning a whopping 3 to 17 % percent less!

    It is the camgirl who chooses her own rate from a drop-down menu with choices such as $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99 and $5.99. The amount she chooses to charge is not always based on the size of her ego. Let’s first get that straight. It’s often based on paying herself for compensatory damages due to the site’s greed.

    Why is the per minute rate so high, you ask?

    A camgirl is one tough chick, with a tough job, in a tough industry, so the next time you visit your favorite camgirl, remember this and show her your appreciation. Please keep in mind: The sites take a huge chunk of her commission (even with tips), so tip her privately to her Payoneer account or with a gift card.




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    Got Bots? 

    Poll results and some interesting facts.



    According to this recent poll of members, a vast majority type a greeting or use the chat interface to type “hello”. That’s funny, not at all what I’m seeing. In fact, the majority that enter my room are the silent type. The chat can be dead for hours and only silent lurkers would manage to stay. They could stay for extended periods of time, too. I’m talking record lengths of time.

    I used to think it was crazy to even entertain the notion that the sites could be using bots to make our rooms appear fuller. Why would they do that? They had traffic. They still do. Traffic that no longer pays .. or chats. Hmmm. Perhaps the real question then is why wouldn’t they use bots? It serves two purposes; to keep the performers attentive to the room should a real member enter and want to go private (the sites do still need our content), as well as giving the illusion, to what little members are left floating around in the tumbleweeds, that the site actually has traffic. The same type of thinking that goes into why a restaurant seats its first customers by the window. If the place looks busy, more people will want to eat there. The only difference is that a restaurant can’t fake its customers. A site can and it’s easy as pie to set up.

    Why would they fake customers instead of just buying traffic?
    Simple answer: It’s us camgirls that drive traffic to the sites. All of us, collectively, from our social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.. The sites can keep those advertising dollars snug in their pockets. Besides, the sites don’t survive on what little traffic comes and spends on us. It’s our content the sites want. They couldn’t care less whether we make money or not. It makes no difference to them or their off-shore bank accounts.

    So, would they or wouldn’t they? I already know the answer. This is just food for thought for anyone with lingering doubts about how shady the sites can be.

    Have you experienced the same behaviour in your chatroom? Are the stats shown in this poll reflecting the opposite of what you’re seeing? Post a reply.

    For anyone wanting to post a reply, please note that your e-mail is not given out publicly, only the name you choose to post under. I’m fine with people being anonymous, as long as your posts are not defamatory, libelous, insulting, self-promotional or rude in any way.

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    Poll For Guests & Members 

    • Hy Sticker 10:37 pm on January 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      If the model is especially beautiful I’ll say some thing like ,”hey doll”

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    • amanda36c 8:07 pm on January 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Because you’re such a gentleman. Thanks for being here.


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    Customers Are Catching On 

    I was delighted to discover that customers aren’t quite as clueless as the sites give them credit for. These customers (who shall remain nameless for their own security), detailed experiences they had on Streamate. In Skype chat conversations with me, they admitted:

    There was no mystery surrounding the site’s erratic, bullying behaviour toward the more strong, independent-minded camgirls, from what I could see. This aggressive stronghold afforded them power to exercise authority, maintaining control over the masses. Implementing harsh penalties for anyone who steps out of line was a common theme amongst the sites and it worked like a charm.
    It was easy to see why girls would conform. The fear of losing certain priveleges that translate directly into earnings was enough to silence most. Others (such as myself) were given a bumpier ride with that, as well as constant harassment, both on and off the platform, plus whatever was to ensue after obtaining the trademark for Amanda36c, had I not discovered their filing in the first place and opposed it.
    To back up what these members are saying, I’ll add some of my own experiences.
    Once, I noticed an influx of new girls replacing those that normally filled the top spots on the main page. Tired of the games being played on us by these sites, and being screwed over more times than I could count, I started to expose this in a blog. I’ve sat and watched the bouncing and blocking of members to my room more then enough times. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on here (though don’t expect the cowardly sites to admit it).

    I remained firm in my refusal to work under a recruiter for a smaller chunk of commission on promises of higher volumes of traffic. I know how these pigs operate. You give them an inch, they’ll take a mile … and indirectly point the blame at you. Unfortunately, most girls did sign the deal with the devil. Short-term gain must have looked appealing at the time but their failure to see the big picture was the downfall that had the most impact on the longevity of that deal.
    There was another time I noticed a huge change in my room. Traffic entering would vanish immediately or before they even had the chance to type “hello” into the chat. Initially, I thought this was just a glitch but it went on for months, despite my efforts to be in compliance with the site’s recommended system requirements. Members that were persistent and finally did manage to break in, complained that they tried many times to enter my room but it wouldn’t let them in. This occurred in both free chat as well as private. They kept clicking but the system would return them to the listing. In the weeks to come, I started to notice my listing plummet further down the page. From page one, I eventually found myself on page two, being pushed further and further back. Then onto page three and eventually page four (what may as well be the site’s ‘black hole’) because by this time, not only were there no new members to my room, the regulars that were smart enough to find me outside of the site, would tell me I am no longer on their favorites list and they haven’t seen me live in months, when in fact, I was on nightly.

    Relevant to my point, below are two screenshots of cam programs whose features clearly represent the type of activity occurring. All admin panels, controlled by the sites, have the ability to kick and block users from any particular room. While I’m sure their initial purpose was designed with good intent, my own experiences show them used for a less than noble cause.



    Having established that motive for the sites to use the kick and block feature, it would be extremely naive to assume they won’t take advantage of this great money-making opportunity. Where do the users end up when they get kicked? Back to the listings. Page 1. Who’s on page 1? Studios and recruited girls whose commissions are way lower than 35%. Some (if not all) of these studios and agencies are owned by the site itself.

    The same person paid to harass me was assigned the task of kicking and blocking members from my room, under his admin access. The whole scenario is complicated. Sometimes, it’s just wiser to keep my aces in the hole.

    You can ignore this and just keep sending send them traffic from your Twitter and Facebook accounts, wondering where it’s all disappeared to when you notice none of it is in your room, spending. I’m sure they will have no problem shelling out 35% to you, over the girls who accept so much less than that. Just the fact that there exist girls who work for less should tell us all how disposable we are to these sites and how much, in their heart of hearts, they really give a rat’s ass about us.

    They play businessmen but we all know what they really are.


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    No shortage of wardrobe malfunctions in these videos!

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    A Skype Celebrity Encounter 

    His Skype profile had a picture of the actor Anthony Edwards. I like to test the honesty of people on Skype (it’s what I do for fun and kicks), so when I asked him if that picture was his own, his response told me all I needed to know. I managed to grab a screenshot of that fake profile, as well as the conversation that followed, before he blocked me for figuring him out. It’s really not rocket science, buddy.


    The conversation



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    Tags: diy dog cookies, Home made dog biscuits, make your own dog biscuits, make your own dog treats   

    Bacon & Peanut Butter Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipe 

    Please note: be sure your dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients listed. If health issues due to age or illness are a concern, you may want to replace some of these items or buy vet-recommended treats instead. Ask your veterinarian for advice.





    Assuming you have the basic kitchen necessities (large bowl or mixing

    bowl, cookie sheet, parchement paper), you will also need the following:

    • A rolling pin
    • A small to medium sized doggy bone shaped cookie cutter (optional but recommended). For smaller dogs, use a small sized cookie cutter and a larger one, for the larger breeds.
    • Something to poke divots in the cookies (I used a meat thermometer)





    If you don’t have any bacon fat stored, fry up about 7 pieces, let the

    remaining fat in the pan cool just a bit and add that to your mixture,

    being cognizant of the temperature as you don’t want to burn your hands

    when mixing.



    *See instructions on the bottom of this recipe to learn how to store bacon fat for future use.








    Preheat oven to 350(f)




    *Did you know that you can save your bacon fat drippings from the

    frying pan, into a jar, adding more to that same jar each time you make

    bacon, and store it in the fridge for approximately 6 months? I use an

    old olive jar and it works great!


    • Tommy Joyce 10:29 pm on December 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      You going into making dog recipes now

      Sent from my iPhone



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