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  • amanda36c 10:24 am on January 25, 2023 Permalink | Reply  

    How I Remained Sane During The Pandemic 

    I feel now is a good time to reflect on the events of the last three years. The virus, the panic, the fear; it was all-consuming for some. Many people were glued to the television at news hour, and gobbling up all the propaganda from the many media sources overwhelming the internet. They obeyed everything they were told to do, without question. Fear made them do that. Then, other things started happening when the strong rose up against the tyranny that surfaced amid all this chaos. The entire world and everything we knew about it had flipped upside down. Events that ensued felt almost surreal. It was enough to turn a perfectly sane person insane (or pretty damn close to it). Celebrities and the media were dividing people worse than after the 2016 U.S. election, with bullying tactics and opinions you don’t dare question. They insulted and belittled those who didn’t agree with them or who even dared go against the grain. They wished illness and even death on those who were ‘hesitant”.

    Those who had been exposed to fraud know better. We know, first and foremost, to trust our instincts. We prepared ourselves to feel isolated at times. We questioned whether or not it was worth it to go this route or to give in and be blissfully ignorant, just to avoid being outcast. To stay true to oneself is most important. I assured myself that if I could handle the things life had thrown my way in the past, then I’ve certainly got this. But it wasn’t that simple. It would take mental strength and a lot of it. This wasn’t going to disappear anytime soon. There was far too much invested in it for that to happen. It was easy to see. The signs were all there.

    With that said, and knowing all things eventually pass, I knew this would too. Keyword: eventually. How I kept my sanity throughout all this can be summed up in point form:

    • Avoid media/news. Stay informed but not overly consumed. 
    • Have conversations with the smart people I know that offer honest opinions (even if they differ from mine) on current events.
    • Ease my mind by watching a movie, sports game, board/card games.
    • Indulge in hobbies, fun and relaxing things (painting, writing, cooking). Maybe pick up some new ones.
    • Play with my pets, cuddle, pat, talk to them.
    • Listen to my favorite music and dancing, which releases endorphins which help you to feel good, activating the brain’s sensory and motor circuits as well.
    • Watching feel-good comedies like stand-ups, sit-coms, Just For Laughs Gags (which is like Candid Camera, for those old enough to remember), old slapsticks, cat videos online, etc.. Laughter is known to reduce stress.
    • Use Google Maps to find interesting bucket-list travel destinations.

    And always remember, life is constantly changing. This too, will one day be a thing of the past. There’s much to look forward to once this pandemic is over (and it will be, when all the corruption is found and the right chess pieces are taken off the board).

  • amanda36c 7:20 am on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    Question Everything, But Trust Your Instincts 

    I couldn’t believe it was happening. My mind refused to absorb that these people, employers of mine, could be so cold and calculating. That they could steal from all of us, right under our noses and blatantly lie about it when confronted. If we spoke out, we were called “conspiracy theorists” and told, sarcastically “oh yes, everyone is out to get you. They are all in cahoots to steal your little paycheck. They don’t make enough money themselves, so they have to steal from you. Yeah, sure.”. That was a pretty good argument, if you were on the outside looking in, but not the other way around. When you know you’re being stolen from, lied to, threatened indirectly with revenue declines, descending listings and you see things happening that fall right in line with what you know is fraud, you, at some point, begin to grasp the reality you’re dealing with. They make you out to be crazy in public forums using anonymous made up people to act as peers, to gain support in their war against you for speaking out against them. They are relentless and it isn’t all for nothing. They have a plan and you’re ruining it, so you now have a target on your back. Not only do they want to silence you, but they also must discredit you. If they make it look like enough people are against you, they know they can rely on the rest of that herd to follow. I was a ticking time bomb they feared because I was popular on the website. They went to extraordinary lengths to turn people against me, and it worked. I did try to sue them for the fraud but I didn’t have a lot of money and even on a contingency, my lawyers were no match for theirs. I tried pressing criminal charges but the FBI had no interest in the case. They never even replied to the IC3 report I filed. Not so much as a phone call asking for details of my claim. They gave me the runaround, telling me I needed to sue them. I had exhausted every avenue possible, even dealing with the company that defrauded me and getting a somewhat substantial (but nowhere near what I was owed) settlement offer from them. Because it didn’t come close to what I was owed and the fact that they wanted me to sign a ‘confidentiality agreement’, I refused. I took a ton of girls from their platform to work on another one I had found and worked out a deal with the owner. The referral money was rather chinsy and I still was unable to recover my losses, It wasn’t long before I started to notice behaviours changing and realized the two companies had actually been working together. I started digging deep into what they owned, connecting the dots and seeing that a bunch of shell companies, llc’s lead to them, some even together in ownership, others just connected by other hidden gems. They were some piece of work.

    Why am I writing this? Because I know what fraud looks like when I see it. That was just one small example and most recent experience. I’ve seen fraud enough times in my life to say … with what’s going on out there right now, we are all being played. Listen to that voice when it says something just isn’t right. Trust your instincts. And above all – follow the money (if you’re actually the investigative type).

  • amanda36c 10:39 am on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    2021 – A LOOK AHEAD 

    Take from 2020 what you will but if that year has taught us anything, it’s the definition of unpredictability. As we navigate our way into a new unknown, 2021 brings hope, though not complete assurance that it’s all behind us. So we file 2020 under ‘the worst of times’. But are they really? Does this little bump in the road deserve a place in the history books alongside world wars, civil wars, other pandemics and countless global events that forever changed the way we live our lives? Many will remember this as the year we were told to stay home, keep six feet apart and wear masks in public. Sadly, there are also those who will remember it as the year they lost loved ones. And then there are those who will look back on it more productively as the year they learned to cook, took up a new hobby or gained a new skill. The latter are the lucky ones. The news drew our attention to politics and pandemic numbers but little else. Our lives were disrupted but we adjusted to this, calling it the “new normal”. Many of us saw our priorities shift drastically. Luxuries became unobtainable or unfathomable due to the sudden financial uncertainty. Instead, we opted for the bare basics; food and toiletries, learning the fine skills of prioritizing.

    Fast-forward to 2021; a year later and despite soaring numbers of fatalities, people hospitalized, case numbers and variants on the rise, we remain divided over the same issues that could have easily taken a backseat to the virus while we shift our concern to those most vulnerable and find ways to protect them.

    Will we ever resolve the division and come together again? Do we even care to? It doesn’t seem likely when as a society, we are schooled, programmed and brainwashed like sheep to accept what we’re told by the media, whose agenda is to largely divide us by both race and politics. And they are doing a great job. Would we be better equipped to handle the pandemic if people were less divided? If you ask me, the answer is “yes”. Angry people become selfish, hateful and aggressive. They lose their boundaries and all respect for the rules. Especially with little or nothing to lose. The truth is that we’re going after the wrong people when we turn on each other. There is a far bigger enemy causing havoc on our lives, playing us all for pawns in their high stakes game of chess. In order to win, we must drag our asses to the opponent’s end where that pawn can be promoted to a queen. Only then can we gain the power to claim victory and declare the game over. We have to stop treating each other as the enemy and come together. If we can do that in 2021, we can finally start to heal those terrible wounds in our society and rid our world of the poisons running rampant in the framework of our systems.

  • amanda36c 9:49 pm on March 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Things A Gal’s Gotta Do 

    While in isolation, like most good people of the world are doing these days, in compliance with this social distancing trend, here is a list of  some ways in which I’ve found effective in spending time around the house:

    • Early spring cleaning.
    • Tick off things on that long ‘around the house, to-do’ list.
    • Tackle sewing projects I kept putting off.
    • Create bucket list.
    • Hone Cribbage skills.
    • WII Golf.
    • Play with cat a lot.
    • Discovering new recipes online.
    • Sex – lotsa sex with hubby!
    • A daily healthy dose of comedy to offset the effects of stress caused by news stories and articles.

    I may be busy for a while.

    Stay safe everyone!

  • amanda36c 10:04 am on August 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Help! I’ve been HACKED! 


    Hacked? It’s safe to doubt that. There’s a huge difference between being the victim of a hacker and having your information compromised by a phishing attempt. Most often, that’s all it is. These information thieves will try to gain access to your Youtube (Google) account by getting you to click a video via dm that says something along the lines of “is this you?”. Don’t click it. It will only take you to a website that looks like Youtube (but isn’t) and you’ll be asked to sign in. Once you do, the sneaky buggers, having logged your username and password, will now have access to your Google account (Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, etc.). That’s typical phishing. The good news is – it’s avoidable.

    Phishing works the same way on Facebook and other social media platforms. Phishing attempts are also done by sending an attachment via e-mail, so if you’re not familiar with the sender or are leery about opening an attachment, don’t do it. Contact your friend to be sure it was them that sent you that file.

    Just like you should be weary of websites, the same goes for applications (apps). A lot of apps are malicious little things created for the sole purpose of gathering information to sell to other border-line criminals.

    Now find and destroy!

    For apps:
    Typically, you just need to locate your settings, find where the Apps section is, and revoke access to anyone or any site on that list. Then, for added security, change your password. Use a password that you haven’t used before and not your name with birthdate or anything that these sites may already have on file for you. Stop giving access to apps to sign into Facebook for you. Always sign in yourself or allow your browser to ‘save password’ for you. Your browser has all your usernames and passwords for website visits stored safely.

    It’s highly unlikely that anyone’s Twitter or Facebook account was truly hacked. It’s usually just phishing attempts. If it were actually hacked, then the hacker would have had to go through the servers of the website in question (Facebook or Twitter) and if they did, your little account would be the last thing they would want to compromise. They’ve already gotten to the big fish, so why would they bother with a little minnow like you? Your information could still be compromised but that’s the risk you take when giving any information to any site. Even banking information isn’t safe online, as many banks are the target of hackers. We as users and consumers take the risks though because, well we like the convenience. Sometimes, we don’t really have a lot of options.

    How to avoid being the victim of phishing:

    Just don’t click suspicious links, even if they come from friends. Ask them about it first. Verify with your friend that it is indeed them and that the link is safe.

    Slam the door on spammers:

    In the case of spammers using your account to run ads on your timeline or gain clicks to a website, this usually comes as the result of you, at one time, having given some website’s app approval to do this. Again: Revoke access and change your password. If on the platform, unfriend them. Report them. Block them. The tools are available to you.

    The next time a website asks you to “sign in with Twitter or Facebook”, just click “No, thanks” or hit the back browser. It’ll feel good. Try it. A legit site will offer you to sign into their site directly, with a simple sign up form.  They can gain access to your Twitter or Facebook account if you specifically allow them or if they happen to figure out your password. If you’re a bit of a goof and tend to click things without reading first, be sure to periodically check your settings on Twitter or Facebook (look for “apps” or “applications”) to make sure you haven’t allowed anyone access to your account. Again (I guess I can’t stress this enough): Revoke access, if unsure. For added security, change your password, as well.

    Stay Cyber Safe!

    Feel free to spread the word.

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    Camgirl 411 

    I created a group and am adding girls from the industry. We’ll be posting news, information, tips, tricks, and having interesting camming-related conversations. It’s brand spanking new right now, but don’t worry, it’ll grow. Would love to have you join. Sorry guys, this is for camgirls only!

    Camgirl 411

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    How To Catch A Scam 

    Yesterday, when looking through the Spam folder of my Gmail account (I do this on occasion, just to be sure a valid e-mail didn’t slip into the filters), I noticed an old handle I once used (literally, just once), in the Sender column and then an old password I used in the Subject line.

    Naturally, this piqued my curiosity, so I went into the e-mail to read the message.
    This is what they wrote:

    I might have ignored the e-mail completely if it weren’t for the fact that this was indeed a password I used before. I just couldn’t place where it was I used it.

    I performed a search in Gmail using the password, hoping a ‘welcome’ e-mail would turn up in the results, with that password mentioned. It did. It was a ‘welcome’ message from Myspace with login details of an account I created on their site back in 2009.

    I then Googled “Myspace hacked” to see if that was even a possibility and discovered it was. In fact, there was a detailed article about it here, in perfect alignment with what just happened to me.

    The article:

    So, mystery of how they got my password = solved.
    Apparently, this scam had been making the rounds for at least two years. If you, or anyone you know, receives an e-mail like this, don’t fall for it. Also, let’s say I were dumb enough to have taken the bait and sent them the money they wanted, what guarantee do I have that they won’t come back again, demanding more? I can only imagine how many people bought into this. The old password was my first clue that something wasn’t right. Another clue was the way they switched gears so rapidly, “let’s get directly to the point”. Clever little scam.

    More details about the sender:

    In the bulk of the e-mail, when I highlighted the entire text, the spaces between lines revealed words that are not visible without highlighting. It’s as though that part of the text was somehow made white, to be invisible. It contained my username (amanda36c), my password and then a non-word such as “ytaegso”. While the “amanda36c and password” repeated, the non-word in there kept changing but it was always some strange word that made no sense.

    Another oddity: The amount they demanded was not even a round number. $896. Perhaps a cross-reference method.

    Yet another oddity (or plain stupidity on their part) was to leave their BTC address. I’m not familiar with Bitcoin or how it works but any transfer of money online has to have some type of trace to the person accepting funds. However, that would be law enforcement’s job to investigate.

    The e-mail, in its entirety read:

    I do know ********** is your passwords. Lets get directly to the point. There is no one who has paid me to investigate about you. You may not know me and you’re most likely thinking why you are getting this e-mail?

    actually, i actually setup a software on the 18+ streaming (porno) website and you know what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what i mean). While you were viewing video clips, your internet browser began operating as a Remote control Desktop that has a key logger which gave me access to your display as well as web camera. immediately after that, my software obtained your entire contacts from your Messenger, FB, as well as emailaccount. and then i created a double-screen video. First part shows the video you were watching (you’ve got a nice taste lol), and second part shows the view of your cam, yeah its u.

    There are not one but two possibilities. We will study these types of choices in particulars:

    Very first solution is to dismiss this e-mail. in this scenario, i most certainly will send out your recorded material to all your your contacts and also visualize about the shame you feel. Not to forget should you be in a relationship, just how this will affect?

    Latter solution will be to give me $896. Lets name it as a donation. in this scenario, i will quickly remove your video footage. You will carry on with everyday life like this never took place and you will never hear back again from me.

    You’ll make the payment via Bi‌tco‌in (if you don’t know this, search ‘how to buy b‌itcoi‌n’ in Google).

    B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss: 1EiJMyvw2NP6T6vyWQ81HgUfBUVT1mqZkM

    [case sensitive so copy and paste it]

    Should you are thinking of going to the law, look, this email can not be traced back to me. I have taken care of my moves. i am not looking to charge you very much, i just like to be paid. right now if i don’t get the ‌bi‌tco‌in‌, i will certainly send out your video recording to all of your contacts including family members, colleagues, and so forth. However, if i do get paid, i’ll destroy the recording immediately. If you want evidence, reply with Yeah! then i definitely will send out your video to your 5 contacts. it’s a non:negotiable offer, that being said please do not waste mine time & yours by replying to this e-mail.

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    Book Excerpts 

    Here are a few excerpts from the book I am writing, detailing my experiences in the camming industry.

    “I looked over at my newly purchased, second-hand Pentium 1, with its external 28.8k modem, which was pretty hi-tech at the time, and wondered if I had the right set-up to stream video. “

    “Envision a woman dressed in a mini skirt, bending over and wiping down the table that holds the coaster that your beer sits on. How glamorous.”

    “There was one ad, in another section, that read “Women wanted to model lingerie online. No experience necessary”. My mind wandered back to a few years prior, where I tried out for some modelling gigs but was never called back.”

    “One grunt before the line went dead was usually how it ended. The occasional ‘thank you’ was nice. It’s strange that customers, thriving on lust, would offer so little in the way of human interaction.”



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    The Camgirl’s Guide To Safety Online 

    There are a lot of reasons to want to protect your online identity and real information from falling into the wrong hands. Whether you’re new to camming or a veteran such as myself, these tips can help protect you, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from encounters or bad experiences becoming personal. Here are some tips to keep you safe. Below is a full, detailed description of why.

    Be vigilant. Consider under all circumstances:

    Your real name
    To never divulge anywhere online your real name (especially family name), family members’ names or even pets’ names.

    Places you frequent
    To never give out the name of a gym you frequent, restaurant you eat at or any other establishment that your name may have, at any point been registered with. This also applies to clinics, veterinarians, banks, etc.

    Review your pictures before posting
    To never post selfies on social media of you sitting in your car, unless you’re certain the car type, color, make, model, is not visible in the shot. The same goes for pictures of any recognizable area near your house (can a street sign be seen in the background? A park name? Another car with the license plate visible, showing they are in New York, for example?). To you, it may be nothing. New York has a lot of people, so good luck finding you, right? While it may not pinpoint your location to would-be predators, stalkers, etc., it does provide a clue and a very dangerous one if you even accidentally let a few other tidbits of information slip. For example, you live in New York, regularly attend Gold’s Gym. You also mentioned having to swing by the vet to pick up your dog, moments later. A simple Google Earth search shows me the approximate area of Brooklyn you’re in.

    You and man’s best friend
    Posting a picture of your dog online or allowing people in your chatroom to see what they look like, even for a split second, puts you at risk of being recognized when you’re outside with your dog.

    Keep camming clothes separate from the clothes you wear outdoors. Wearing the same thing outside that you wore in a session online puts you at risk of being recognized in the street.

    Did someone call your handle out in the street?
    Ignore. Just ignore completely and continue walking. Take the same safety precautions you would take in any situation that you feel unsafe in the street (head to an area populated with a crowd or into a nearby business establishment).

    Protect your computer
    Be sure to have an anti-virus program (McAffee. Norton, etc.). If you don’t know how to properly install it or adjust the settings, have someone knowledgeable with computers do that for you. Be on the lookout for keyloggers and malware on your hard drive. If a computer is given to you by someone (a website you work for, for example) for whatever reason, it would be wise to bring it to a reputable computer shop and have them look for keyloggers, malware, viruses, and report anything malicious or suspicious to you. The same goes for any software that comes to you in the form of a cd or one that the site wants you to download, directly off their website (especially the latter). Scan it or have someone check it out for you to see what exactly it does.

    Social media access
    Never give up your social media access. For example, when you go to sign into a website and a window pops up, asking you to “sign in using your Facebook account” (or other social media), do not allow it. Same goes for signing in with apps. ONLY sign in using the website’s sign-in form. Chrome (browser) is among the most secure and lets you save and store your username and password for most sites (good news for the lazy and for those needing quick access).

    Home address
    If possible, as an added measure of security when signing up to a new camming website, use an old address or one that you intend to soon move away from. Do not give the new address if there’s no reason for them to have it. If your checks come to you via Fed-Ex or other courier, you may want to consider an alternative address to have your paychecks sent to where they will be accessible for you to pick them up. My own experiences with a specific website that I worked for taught me that none are to be trusted, even the so-called ‘big box sites’. Nobody in them should be trusted. The further you can keep them from your personal information (current address, phone number and all the above, except of course they need your real name to issue payments to you), the safer you will be. Believe me when I say, the websites can be worse than any ‘customer’ or ‘hacker’ you will encounter online, though it is always wise to keep yourself safe from both.

    Feel free to contact me here or directly at my email address, if you have any questions or comments. I can also be reached on Twitter under the handle @amanda36c.
    Happy safe camming, ladies!

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    Lessons In Porn 

    Hmmm, Stormy Daniels is suing Trump, claiming nondisclosure agreement invalid. This means she can sing about the (alleged) affair all she wants and in as many places as she wants, and for as much money as opportunists are willing to dish out.

    So they were having an affair, right around the time his wife was pregnant and there apparently was no payment made to her at that time. When the story later surfaced, the lawyer is the one who decided, on his own, to offer her a settlement, in which Trump himself was oblivious to. Oh, so that’s how it went, is it? She agreed and took the money. Or did she? And now that it somehow got leaked that Trump never signed the nondisclosure agreement, Stormy and lawyers found a loophole to void that contract.

    And now the question is, which comes first; The book or the movie?

    My take on this is mixed. I try not to be judgemental because of my own position as a camgirl. This is not to be confused with porn star though and I certainly never had sex with anyone other than my spouse, not even for money. Still, I can’t judge people for their decisions in life. We all live and learn. One can only hope that their lessons don’t wind them up in places they’ll regret.

    Thinking about it, I had many opportunities to advance my career but that side of the industry never appealed to me. The fakeness of it all and the scammers frankly made my skin crawl. The big money, fancy parties, powerful people, glitz, glamour is just a lure. The real money floats to the top and there is no low they won’t sink to in order to ensure it stays that way. Porn is a very dark world and there is a hellish, ugly, scary side to that area of the sex industry. I’m glad I chose to never be a part of it. I may have made some doozies in my life but in this case, it’s what I didn’t do that I will be thankful for having the sense to steer clear of. I didn’t need to sell my soul for fortune or fame. I was comfortable with my little camming gig, far away from those dangers, both mentally and physically. I did work my ass off over 20 years in the camming industry, only to be left with sfa. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilcho. Zip. Actually, it did spawn a desire for me to learn how to build websites. So all is not lost.

    I do hope that Stormy is able to learn from all this and get the hell out of that shithole industry. It’s never too late to create a better life for yourself.

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