Short Shift

     A shift cut short, but sweet it was. One of the first to enter my room, typed (I’m thinking this must have been in response to something I said) “I want  what you want”. It didn’t take Ms. Sarcasm long to snap back with “So you want bigger boobs and longer hair?”. While some appeared to have gotten a chuckle out of it, the recipient mustn’t have taken too kindly to it; he left the room. I didn’t mean any harm. Honestly. In fact, I tried to imagine a guy with short hair and small boobs morph into a guy with large boobs and longer hair. I was able to conjure up a good image there, that I’m sure, had I been able to draw for him, would have him smiling, at least. I suppose my brand of funny just doesn’t cut it for some. For the record, I don’t want (or need) bigger boobs. That’s was purely for fun and kicks. 😉

     Someone else came in and wrote: “i like well r hair colour today. thats natural?”. For the most part, I understood what he was trying to state, so I didn’t allow myself to pick apart his English. For all I know, English could be his second language.  The way he spelt “colour”, with a “u”, tells me he is Canadian or was schooled here.  I laughed and replied, repeating this as I had several times to members who asked about my hair colour lately, “No, it’s been through a rainbow of colours”. This is as far from natural as it gets. I had bleached it, dyed it every shade of blonde imaginable, went dark again, and darker, to cover up the green shade it turned the first time. I had to, at one point, apply some red to it just to get rid of the green highlights that appeared in daylight. No other colour, except black, would get rid of the green. Then, used a lighter shade to tone it down, Head & Shouldering it daily to strip the harsh dark tone and if that wasn’t bad enough, adding streaks. Now, I’m just conditioning the crap out of it and leaving it alone. I do recommend the Head & Shoulders though for anyone wanting to strip down harsh colours that are too dark. Works like a charm! So yeah, the undertone was bleached, with a slight overtone of blonde and on top of that, there’s some brownish, reddish hues with a lovely stripping of color beyond that. It’s not nearly as awful as it sounds. My natural color can be found inside the scalp, budding out into roots in a few weeks. 😉

My evening ended with a slowdown in traffic, so severe that I could count on one hand, the number of members in my room. Usually, that sidebar is full and flowing over (with a scrollbar appearing). The equivalent to about 6 handfuls minimum. One handful is pretty pathetic.