Flattery Got Me Thinking

Sometimes, I like to take an experience and just run with the ideas that flow from it. This was definitely the case when reflecting on last night’s session.

It’s quite flattering when a member admits I’m the reason he decided to sign up to the site. So, my mind wanders off into some place that I probably shouldn’t go, but will anyway. I start to wonder why, in all their brilliance, these sex sites don’t just hire girls (hand-picked with a good command of the English language, as well as pleasant people skills) and offer them a small commission to host a ‘welcome room’ where they would greet and chat with guests, to simply entertain them, letting the natual conversion happen all on its own; where guests become members.  Not a “sign up to the site and you will see me naked” attitude, however. The focus has to be on fun, not a cut and dry sales approach. Pressure sales don’t work in these sort of situations. A mouse-click and they’re gone. It’s that easy to walk away, and many will. I’m sure some sites direct traffic to certain girls and rely on them to convert it, but that, to me, just doesn’t seem as effective as having someone whose only job is to get them to enjoy themselves so much, that they want to join in on the conversation, where as a guest, they can only watch, therefore, signing up to become a member.

Girls on the site could apply for this extra position within the site, choosing to work on their own timetable, so that this schedule doesn’t interfere with their regular work hours.

Benefits could include:

An offer of $10.00  commission per sign up or an hourly rate (or a combination of both).

A no-pressure work environment means the host will be relaxed, thus making members feel this way. They are more likely to want to stick around. This said, I think that the hourly pay alone might be the better option.

Girls taking a week off (aunt Flo’s visit), those just wanting to give themselves a break and not perform nude for a night, or those who want to try and stimulate some new traffic to their rooms, will want to try this out.

Quality is hard to find these days. Whoever offers it is already leapes ahead of their competition. I think this idea could work.