Back to the Drawing Board

When I stopped working for one particular site (which shall remain nameless), I swore my loyalties toward these sites were through. The plan was to sign up to and work on, several different sites, sticking with the one that best suited my needs; decent traffic and a genuine respect for the people that make them their money. Short-term thinkers will say a lot and do very little to get what they want. I’ve learned that much and they’re all the same. They are your best friend while you’re stuffing their wallets but a complete stranger when you ask for any kind of favor in return.  All they would need to have is a little respect, a genuine understanding of our needs and a willingness to help us succeed, as this, in turn,  drives the company’s success. My thought process was that with this many choices, signed up to a bunch of sites, I wouldn’t have to worry if one site starts to lose traffic, or decides to stop paying for it; I could just move on to the next. If one starts to play games or looks deceptive, I could move right along.


I don’t know what’s going on with the traffic on Streamate lately but I’m not the only one noticing this. A bunch of hosts have been saying this for awhile, before I even noticed it myself. There are tech problems galore, as well. I thought it was just me and the site would have me thinking that, too, by their responses. I know this is not the case. I tried to report these problems but if the person you’re reporting problems to, refuses to acknowledge that a problem exists, well, it’s best to drop it and do what’s best for you. Screw everyone else with their heads in the sand (or wherever they may be). Only the site can fix it and if they’re not doing that, there must be a reason.