Silent Admirers?

Over the last few weks, I’ve noticed a strange occurrence; an unusual amount of silent guests and members in my free chatroom on Streamate. My first thought was that this might have been the result of some glitch, preventing members from being able to use the chat interface. I was quick to discover (through the wonderful world of social networking platforms and forums) that this was indeed happening to others, as well. I’m not just referring to guests but actual members who have actually purchased premium videochat time in the past. Guys who normally wouldn’t hesitate to issue a standard greeting, at the very least, upon entering my chatroom, were now completely silent. They’d enter, stick around for a few minutes and then leave, without a single word typed in the chat. Odd behavior and this had nothing to do with what I was wearing, the current state of the economy, how the stars aligned with the moon and planets or any number of other excuses one might conjure up.

It’s not just members but also guests that enter the chatroom and leave about 5 seconds later. Again, quite odd. They usually stay longer than this and when I try to get a conversation going with the ones who do stick around longer, they leave. Again, without a word. So few actually used the chat. This is just very strange. Really out of the norm.

I suppose one could offer a vast variety of reasons a person might enter a chatroom and not type anything, and I’ve already gone over all that in my mind but it just doesn’t make sense when you look at the vast change lately in the volume of those who don’t use the chat or leave after 5 seconds, as opposed to just 3 months ago. What I’m looking for is a reason why a whole bunch of guys would all choose to do this at the same time. There is no logic to this whatsoever. There is no pattern to tell me this could even remotely be explainable. A glitch, perhaps? They don’t return to tell me so. Could it be that they are restricted somehow from returning? I have no messages telling me that either. Could it be that they think it’s their connection (they often think it’s them, even when it’s not) and just complacently walk away? Why don’t they return right away? Why don’t they return another day to tell me then? What the hell is going on?