Amanda The Entertainer

My cyberlife is full of hilarity and special events; a reality show with an element of surprise to it – an entertainment factor. I like to consider this my own little adventure. Exposing myself to the masses of men that are actively searching for that one perfect woman, often times, is like feeding myself to the wolves. For some reason, the less I charge, the more wolves I end up with. While I’m enjoying this PartyChat feature, I’m seeing a decline in overall respect and politeness coming from the members. This isn’t to say it’s always members – heck, at that low rate, I’m certain this brings in people with a variation of sinister ulterior motives.


The night started off slow and calm. A member asks: “hi.. how are you? how much is the party chat?”. Is it rude to only answer the second question when the first one is a mere “how are you”? In speech, to me, this is the equivalent to someone not pausing in between asking how I am and then whatever their next question is; meaning they really don;t care how I am. In which case, why even bother asking? I think of the “how are you?” preceeding the question they really expect an answer from you on, as the “dead fish” handshake; the sort of thing you don’t put much effort into, something rather thoughtless, meaningless and is intended as nothing more than a gesture that we take for granted, which holds absolutely no weight anymore in human interaction. I like to point this out sometimes by focusing on the question they really couldn’t care less if I answered or not; the “how are you?”. I left his second question resting in the queue for a bit while we discussed how I am. A PartyChat session ensued.

Another member entered my guest chat and stated: “If you RAP i will give major $$$$$$$$$!!!!!”. How could I turn down such a tempting offer? So, for entertainment purposes (my own, mostly), I started reciting the lyrics from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I did a pretty good job, too. The guys in the room seemed to be enjoying it. Never did see the “major $$$$$$$”. Gosh, and I really did believe him (about as much as I believe in the tooth fairy). Livened the room up though and got the second PartyChat wave started.