Cookies, anyone?

Ahh,  the adult entertainment industry and its cookie-cutter marketing. With so much variety, how could there be such a lack of creativity? It’s motonous, from start to finish. They all boast a variety of hottest, sexiest, do-it-all playmates in their cookie-cutter ads, with suggestive looks and those wide-mouthed glares, caught by the camera (oh what timing!) in a range of mid-orgasmic poses under perfect, flawless Photoshopped skin, beautifully messed up hair, expensive body parts and more make-up than Bozo the clown. Why are all these ads the same? Is it like Hollywood; has creativity taken two consecutive decade-long vacations? Tired of the same old cookie-cutter crap? Try me and enjoy a truly unique experience with my Classic Rock and Hockey Talk show, on Streamate!  Here’s something original and worth checking out: