I often wonder what a member’s intentions are when he clearly is not there to enjoy himself in the traditional sense (ie: reason he is only able to type with one hand).  Much like a deer that is spotted on a golf course, far from its habitat. How do they end up in my room, of all places and what are they really there for?

This happened last night in my private chat; I’m glad that the majority of members aren’t like this:

aymaanm has logged on

amanda36c: Hi there. What’s your name?

aymaanm: call me ayeman
turn down the music please 

Why? Are you not alone in the house or do you just want to hear my voice?

aymaanm: the latter

Aww, you don’t like my music? 😉

aymaanm: i like you better
amanda36c: So “aymaanm”, are you an optometrist? Ophthalmologist? Ship captain?


amanda36c: Great. What are you in the mood for tonight, Ayeman?

can you be my mommy?

amanda36c: That’s sick. Absolutely not. That isn’t legal.

its not?

amanda36c: It insinuates incest. That is illegal.
aymaanm: in the country?

amanda36c: I don’t follow. What do you mean?
aymaanm: what kid of role playing can you do?

amanda36c: Tell me what you like and let’s see what we can do.

aymaanm: can you be a filthy fucking whore?

amanda36c: Of course. That’s legal, and for me, it’s far out of character, but sure, I can act the part.

aymaanm: you can be  whore but not a mother?

how borig

aymaanm has logged off

The last statement would have come no matter what I’d said or done. The only surprise I had was that he didn’t rate me after the session. Boring? I’m boring because I refuse to indulge this sicko in his incestuous fantasies? Hey folks, be sure to bring a pillow to my boring room while I pretend to be a filthy whore, satisfying all your dirty desires!