Tidbits of Last Night

     The fine evening started with someone entering my chat and stating “seeing Bob this weekend”. At first, I was a little confused. Who was this Bob person he was referring to and why should this concern me? It hadn’t dawned on me yet, even though I was playing Bob Seger in the background, that this was the Bob he was referring to. The way he stated that, without reading anything into it, led me to think he was going to some  Bob guy’s house, perhaps to enjoy some old classic music and throw back a few brewskies, or perhaps, by the way he worded it, “seeing”, perhaps Bob was a shrink and he had an appointment with him. Why he’d felt the need to tell me this was strange, but then again, if you’re seeing a shrink, there’s a possibility that something is just slightly off anyway. He then wrote “Seger”. I must have forgotten that we had discussed Seger before and that we had a love for his music in common. What he meant to say, obviously in less words than I would have chosen, myself, to describe the situation, was that he was attending a Bob Seger concert this weekend. Hell, I wasn’t even aware that Bob was touring. 

     Then, along came J with a barrage of questions “Like a Sexy belly dancer!  Do you know how to belly dance?!”,  “Do you still flash for Gold Babe?”,  “Boston?”, “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Really?!  Does he know that you do this?:-P”, “Really?  Will he Fuck you in pvt?:-P”. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, if that’s the case then I’m inventing a robot to answer all of those questions, so that I can get on with entertaining members that are truly interested in using my service. I don’t mind the chit chat but sometimes, you can just see it’s going nowhere. He never did give any gold. Not surprising in the least.

Someone else came in with “Will you give me 2 gold if I give you a tough trivia question?”. Cute, yes. Funny, no.

The night ended on a better note than the last three had, so I can’t complain much there.

Sometimes, I have to shrug off the night and say to myself “it could have been worse”. No matter how crappy things appear to be, there’s always someone out there who’s got ya beat! 😉