Domains for squat by ICM Registry/Webpower's lawyers?

 The owner of, (info taken from this page ) is FCI, Flying Croc, Inc., which also owns


But the owner of the dot xxx for this cam2cam site is the lawyer of ICM Registry, Sheri Falco (Info taken from this page ) who, as shown here, also represents Webpower, a competing site.

Seems the very owners of the dot xxx domain extension sellers are buying up everything in sight, in the name of crushing their competition. If that’s OK with the competition, all the power to them.

Oh, did I mention that Streamate (FCI) and iFriends (Webpower) are competing sites? So, the competitor bought the competing site’s dot xxx and put it in the company’s name but registrered it to the laywer’s name. So, the question is this; is iFriends/Webpower really behind ICM Registry or so tight in with them (through their lawyers) to get them to do things, buy things, manipulate things so that things happen … in their favor?

They want you to hurry and get your dot xxx before someone swipes it from right under you (ummm, could that someone be themselves?) !!! No need to worry about squatters people, ICM Registry have that all covered!

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s a Wall Streeet Wizard of Oz behind this, pulling the puppet strings. Just go along with it, Lawley and you’ll be a very rich puppet!