Screenshots of the ‘conversation’ between myself and Catherine Tayler last week on Twitter. Can you spot the similarities between her posts and those of the coward, with the Twitter default image (an egg), who later attacked me on Twitter? Study the screenshots. I know this may look like a catfight but it’s so much more than that. I have posted several instances, right here in this blog, of the harassment I have endured over the last 3 years while on Streamate.

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This ‘egg’ created their Twitter account with the sole purpose of using it to harass me. They followed 5 of my Twitter accounts (blocked them at the time I took this screenshot, so the ‘amanda36c’ account won’t show up below).


Interestingly, the one account that decided to follow this foul-mouthed ‘egg’ is a Twitter account that promotes a site that is owned by Streamate (FCI Inc) (the ownership record for this site:

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So, does the ‘egg’ sound like Catherine Tayler? Keep in mind that when someone wants to use a separate account to attack you, it is likely they will change their writing style slightly. Expect to see a few minor changes. This is not uncommon for the seasoned harasser. Things to look for are characteristics, patterns, personality flaws, underlying tones, deep-rooted emotions. That said, what’s your opinion? A little insight: Catherine Tayler’s husband works for Streamate as Creative Director. She is a ‘recruiter’ on Streamate with many sites and Twitter accounts. His name just happens to be Chris (or Frenchie or ‘creasy’. Google is a great resource for information. Just be sure you’re getting the real facts first, investigate this and you’ll see for yourself. I’ve done my homework.

If you’re also getting harassed, and you believe it to be the same person, based on what you have seen here, get in touch with me via dm on Twitter. Follow me. I will follow you back.