ICM Registry forces performers to authorize sign-in with Twitter?

All excited, thrilled and gung-ho about this Performers Program ICM Registry, the @DotXXX folks have finally announced (though still completely elusive on the details), I went to sign up for my free year, which they claim is available to all performers.

 It appears that the only way to obtain my amanda36c.xxx is to authorize this application to sign in through my Twitter account. I fail to understand why, when a Twitter account (unless verified, with that pretty little blue tick you see on celebrities’ profiles) does not prove you are who you say you are. Performers are not likely to have that tick, unless they are big name celebrity porn stars. Why not just verify them through their handles and the sites they claim they work on by actually following up on that or with inside connections, get that information from the sites or site owners? I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem verifying a performer’s handle with certain info shared by both you and the site, to verify they are who they say they are.

In any case, I made an attempt to sign up.

Here’s the problem:  ICM’s sign-up form implies you do not need to have a Twitter account. Their form states “if you have one”, as shown here (see screenshot below):

I left that field blank and it returned a page, telling me that my Twitter account information and domain name requested do not match. See the top line on that screenshot (above). But wait!!! I left the Twitter field blank. Why is it forcing me to use Twitter, when I don’t want to? Since when did Twitter become the madatory go-between for users of ICM Registry’s dot XXX performers program sign-up process? Why are there no other options, like Facebook or any other social networking platform?

I tried to enter “amanda36c”  in the “.XXX Domain you wish to register” but it wouldn’t even let me type it. I tried the other fields and was able to type into them. So, I left the page as it was and entered the code in the box, trying to advance but it gave me another error:

First, it doesn’t allow me to input information into one of the fields, then it gives me an error for having omitted that information!

It later automatically entered amanda36c.xxx in that field. Strange but I am still unable to advance because it wants my Twitter information (which I don’t want to give).

If using Twitter to sign up under this Performers Program is merely an option, then why is it that I cannot advance without authorizing ICM Registry to sign me in using  Twitter?

Could you make it any more impossible for me to obtain my amanda36c.xxx website, ICM Registry/Webpower Inc.?