Sarcassed and Confused

     The first thing entered into my chat last night was this: “damn i love those boobs. i want to see them sucked on so bad. can you get someone please?”. I felt a natural need to lend some sarcasm to my response: “Hang on while I go to the nearest local bar and fetch the first willing participant for you, buddy.”. I can understand asking for a pair of nylons, if you happen to have a nylon fetish or shoes, if that’s what floats your boat, but a living, breathing human? Note to self:  Remember to post an ad in the personals. How should I word it? Hmmm … “horny male needed for standby. Paid only if the cheap weasel decides to take the plunge and go private”?  

     On a more serious note, through hard work and persistence, keeping members who went private in there for a bit, I managed to separate the ratio of revenues versus traffic volume a little better than in the past 2 weeks. Despite my slow traffic last night (and it got really bad, I mean all-time lows, at times), I managed to come away with an acceptable hourly average. What happens when the traffic dies completely though? This looks gradual but it’s sure headed in one direction and one direction only.  There is no doubt about that. What baffles me is that while internet statistics show a decline in traffic, I’m also having members complain that they can’t access my room and that some features are not working. Worse, as one member put it, this is only happening in my room and no others. An actual member, not someone playing games.

He wrote:

how you doing tonight?
how so?
i haven”t seen you in probably two months (haven’t been on)
i had trouble loggin onto your cam tonight, actually”

I inquired about what he meant and his response was: “kept getting error messages
would say “contact support”
refresh after refresh
persistance paid off”

His response, after I asked if this was happening in other rooms, too, was: “just yours tonight”.


I reported it last night to someone I have on my IM that has the ability (and hopefully the desire) to fix it or at least tell me what’s going on. Waiting to hear back …