Hockey Banter Gone Bad

I’m starting to see all my hockey fans returning and the conversations are getting heated. This may be hard to believe but I’ve had to block a few guys on Twitter for rude, personal comments that followed some what seemed fun hockey banter. Here’s an example:

I composed a tweet to my followers, letting them know that there were only 9 days remaining until the 2012-13 NHL season started.

 9 Days left, fellow ░░( ◁ H ▷ ≺░░ fans!

Someone replied:

@Amanda36C we got history #caps

The Caps joined the NHL in 1974, as an expansion team. The Habs joined the NHL in 1917 (though they were formed oringinally in 1909). The Habs have 24 Stanley Cups. The Capitals have none. If he was talking real history, well, there simply wasn’t any. If he was referring to the history between our two teams, there wasn’t any. So, I replied back with a little ribbing, as any hockey fan would.

@TrizzyTRAUMA YOU have history? The CAPS? Habs = 24 Stanley Cups. 103 years old. MECCA of hockey. The Montreal Forum. Need I say more?

I must have touched a big nerve.

@Amanda36C  wtf? I was referring to the big rivalry we got 0 stanley’s but u can shove those 24 up your cam holes I’m positive they will fit

Again, what big rivalry? The only thing that even remotely resembles any kind of rivalry between these 2 teams is when Ovechkin comes to Montreal and we shut him down. Ovechkin loves to play in Montreal (who wouldn’t?). That hardly constitutes a rivalry. What Montreal and Boston have is a rivalry. I didn’t completely ignore the insult following his hockey-related comment, either.

@TrizzyTRAUMA Big rivalry between the Habs and Caps? No such thing. That one massive insult, by the way.

@Amanda36C and for the record tortarelli is a whining crying little girl and Habs golden days are over unfortunately u poor baby

Um, it’s Tortotella, not Tortarelli and I happen to think he’s awesome!

I chuckled at the thought of a Habs/Capitals rivalry but found the rest of his comment rather disturbing.  I’m a camgirl, not a prostitute, slut, whore or whatever he was trying to imply. Some jackasses really need to learn the difference.


A closing thought:

  • Small minds will never see the big picture.