Q & A With Amanda

Members sometimes love to ask me questions, unrelated to my shows and I have to admit; it’s refreshing to talk about something other than why I won’t perform anal or explain the 4 forms of payment, asking them to choose one after they make a request.

mj75: How are you doing without hockey?

Well, with a hurricane in the east, earthquakes in the west, wars in the middle east, I hope hockey is the last thing on people’s minds. There’s enough going on in the world; who wants to listen to millionaires and billionaires fighting over money? In summary, I’m doing just fine, thanks.

abc_its_123: will u stick that dildo in your butt in private

GasPasser: If the lockout ended tomorrow when could the season start?

Well, apparently they’ve cancelled the month of november, so I’d have to say december 1st, technically. Now, since contracts and agreements can be nullified at any time (players had previously signed agreements that the league later reneged on), who knows! Anything can happen. It’s anyone’s prediction. Flip a coin!
GasPasser: At most the NHL regular season would be 4 months long?

Just slightly more than that. The playoffs will run through to about june though. We’re only missing 2 months, so far. I know, it feels like an eternity to any true hockey fan (especially if you’re Canadian)!

SteffenJames1: are your videos good??

They’re the worst ever! My GAWD, what are you thinking?

GasPasser: Lokks like both the owners and the NHLPA too pigheaded to get a deal done?

That’s precisely how it looks. The only ones I feel sorry for are the fans. Not only myself and the diehards but all the young fans, the little ones whose first words were “puck” and “Crosby”. Lock ’em in a room and make them come to an agreement. Those would be the terms I would set for the remainder of this lockout. No food and no water until a deal is reached. Watch how quickly they get it done.

hot3344: wheres ur boy friend

He’s out trick-or-treating. Just kidding. Actually, he’s in the next room, sleeping. He had a long day at work. Why, do you miss him?

Normally, I wouldn’t have blocked someone for using some cheesy pick-up lines, but these were that really smelly kind of cheese, the kind that you just toss out the window as far as it’ll go because otherwise, it’d just stink up the house. I don’t even really consider these pick-up lines but whatever they were was starting to get a little creepy the more I read of them.

geecode: i’ll fuk you till you bite ya own tung

geecode: i’ll fuk you till u check ya pussy for a digging permit

geecode: i’ll fuk you till ya bed springs call me uncle

geecode: i’ll fuck you so hard you masterbate on ya way home

geecode: i’ll stretch tht pussy so far it need a passport to get back in shape

geecode: i’ll fuck you till the memory foam forget

geecode has been blocked