We’re Not Whores …

Women in this industry who allow themselves to be called a “slut” or “whore” really need to grow a set of balls and learn that we teach others how to treat us simply by the way we choose to respond. It’s not par for the course to be treated this way, and no, we never asked for it. This is abuse that no self-respecting woman should have to put up with. It sickens me when women revert to calling themselves a slut, in an effort to appease their customers or impress their bosses with what they perceive to be a general good attitude or “openmindedness” toward their occupation.

I can’t, even jokingly, refer to myself as a “slut”  or a “whore”. This is not who I am. I am not permiscuous and I do not have sex with people for money.

I take my clothes off in front of the camera, from the comfort of my own home. No promiscuity involved. I don’t have sex with anyone for money. Of all the gray area that could possibly define “sex”, someone standing before a camera is in no way, “having sex” with the person on the other end of the computer chatroom. If virtual sex is real sex, then I suppose virtual marriage is legit, too, and let’s toss in a few virtual kids, then we can buy a virtual house and live virtually ever after! Reality check, please!

As far as I’m concerned, I’m as distant, to that viewer, as Miss November in Playboy is. Ridiculous to think we’re any more obtainable.

Are these the same women who would have never thought of  themselves as sluts before, suddenly playing the part? Perhaps there is a silent complacency where this type of mental abuse is concerned. What makes it acceptable? Why do women choose to suffer at the hands of these webpimps for such small sums of money, in comparison to what the webpimps are earning off of  the girls’ hard work? Why is it such a male-dominated industry when it’s the WOMEN that are the main attraction here, by and large? If made to feel small, belittled, degraded (the standard in brainwashing 101), these men can easily gain control over them, and eventually the entire industry. It’s already happening.

One can create a website, fill it with content, earn money and NEVER have to pay the girl whose content they used, because they chose to hide under a moniker with camgirl content floating abundant. One can be certain that the girls are not being paid (the reason these sites keep so well hidden).  Good luck finding out who the owner is. Better luck suing them!

What about turning the tables on these webpimps? Dare little miss “whore” call her boss a “pimp”, even though the shoe fits?

It’s amazing how complacent people are and how afraid people are to claim what is theirs, or to sue for what rightfully is theirs. They would rather sit in silence, do as they’re told and not have to do any real work or have to deal with the ramifications of what the spotlight might bring them, tying them to this industry and all of its shadiness.


In no other industry is there so much theft, fraud, copyright infringement, extortion (add every other crime you can think of) going on, right under everyone’s noses. Doesn’t our dirty little industry deserve the same justice as the rest of the world?

We’re not whores, we’re just suckers!