A Virtual New Low

So this is the porn industry’s answer to how men can live out their fantasies of banging a porn star. Is it not obvious the goal here is to keep men single and spending on virtual sex for the rest of their lives?
Promoted mostly to men in long-term marriages or relationships who are “bored with the same woman all the time” (their words, not mine), this product offers a virtual porn star that users can imagine they are having sex with, complete with visions of their dreamgirls in this little gadget attached to their head. How soon before the ‘real’ woman decides he’s just not worth losing her dignity, self-respect and sense of value over? How more impersonal can sex get? At the risk of revealing my age, this is reminiscent of a little toy we had in the 70’s

I’m sure someone thought this was in good taste but I’m also pretty sure their taste buds were covered with some thick substance while this was all being brainfarted in their mind. Forget about the woman they are actually sticking mister Insatiable Sexual Appetite into . She is just a piece of meat.

Lust over a porn star while you do some sucker who doesn’t care that you’re not even into her. The real woman is merely for nothing other than that ‘real skin’ feeling while your mind gets aroused by a porn star that would otherwise never give you the time of day. Hey, porn industry, why not sell masks too so that when your customers take their wives/girlfriends out for dinner or to a movie, she can wear the face of your favorite porn star? For those who can’t afford to go all nine yards and get her plastic surgery to make her look that way?

Want to talk about degrading? What self-respecting woman would ever allow herself to be in that situation with a man? To someone like myself, who has seen enough of their scumbagism, this is not at all surprising. The industry just can’t seem to get it right with their treatment of women, can they? And they never will. Once again, the porn pigs have sunken to a new low.