Disrespect For Women – Whose Fault?

How innocent are women when men are deemed ‘disrespectful of women’ (verbally)? Take Trump, for example, is he completely disrespectful of women? He certainly had decades worth of experience with the type of women who throw themselves at rich men. In this old video, the way he speaks of women prior to meeting Nancy O’Dell, really speaks volumes to his character.  He knows he can buy and sell people and he’s not wrong. Sure, it’s disgusting the way he talks but they let him get away with it. For example, watch the part of this clip where Nancy O’Dell prances around, flirty and completely unbusinesslike, not exactly acting ‘married and unavailable’ (starting at around the 5:23 mark)

https://youtu.be/L0YwoPdGBN8 and it should provide a good clue as to what makes him so sure he can get away with what he says he does. People enable him. She hardly portrayed herself as any type of ‘innocent victim’ in this video. They knew the cameras were rolling, so there’s no element of surprise.

His views on women are no better than the multi-billion dollar porn industry’s. They wear the same glasses when it comes to women. Commodities. Nothing more. There to serve.

Sometimes, we only have ourselves to blame. Women need to know that their own behavior determines how they are treated.

I know women often fall victim but is it really fair to place all the blame on men for thinking they can get away with this or should we share in this and own our behavior, which ultimately lead to them not taking us seriously or getting mixed signals in the first place?

Care to weigh in?