Cowards of the Internet

In school, this is the kid who bullied the smaller children into giving up their Twinkies. He was tough with his gang around, but if you were ever lucky enough to get him alone, he was nothing more than a momma’s boy!

At the office, this is the co-worker that keeps to themself and rarely socializes with others. People in a more mature society don’t particularily enjoy being in the company of those that steal Twinkies. This Twinkie stealer won’t hesitate to write something nasty on a sticky note and post it on your desk, while you’re on a lunch break.

Often enough, this type of coward is caught and brought to justice. In school, it is detention. In the workplace, a warning or dismissal. On the internet, they have free reign and can do whatever they please, harrass whomever they want and do it for as long as their assholish heart desires. The only people who can stop them are the individual site owners by permanently blocking them. That will never completely stop them but it will give those being harrassed by them, a little peace of mind. It would be nice to see that happen, after 1 year and 4 months of being harrassed by the same person. My boyfriend has decided to take action. I’ve held him back for this long. Nothing else I can do. Their day is coming. I’m tired of this, too.