Member Types

There are several different types of members that I am entertained by, on a nightly basis. Here are just a few examples:

The humorous type:

Mr_Jay: got 70’s type hair going there

The young type:

Tommy13oy: your like stupid hot ๐Ÿ™‚

The type who think the Golden rule (Gold 1st, then request) does not apply to them:

nycdude: model body pls

Those that like to push our limits in free chat:

engcivil: show a linttle bit more bb

Those that need a good lesson in manners:

smores: would u use a hockey stick in ur show

The type that just come in to sling an insult, either directly or indirectly:

cumdumper: Habs Suck!

The type that share a common loveย of classic rock music:

lpr420: love that music. running on empty

The entrepreneurial marketing geniuses that know your business better than you:

gadawg13: cause I have been here for a while. And not a prob (problem). And if you want to make money on here, alot of women do more. SO the guys go there. Just saying. Not being rude, you are beautiful and all
No I dont want a freebie

The type that can recognize a song and assign it to the moment in such a timely fashion:

jdsting: lol appropriate.ย  What a Fool Believes

The one-comment wonder (who, unbeknownst to everyone else, left the room right after he typed that). Nonetheless, conversation ensues:

misfit95: do u ever think that it gets slow in here because God watches everything we do and specifically says not to lust or want for lust

Members chimed in with their contributions to the topic:

payne.john90: WTF dude STFU

YoungGuy1531: haha ๐Ÿ˜›

Titoizbored: eh religion sucks

payne.john90: more like lay off the crack pipe?

jdsting: a Bible Thumper in an adult chat room’

jdsting: trying to save the world

YoungGuy1531: thats kinda creepy

jdsting: one tit at a time

YoungGuy1531: haha we cant save ourselves lol ๐Ÿ˜›

The type that bless you when you sneeze:

matthew: bless you

The type that pluralize plurals:


It sounds cuter coming from a 3-year old.

The unsuspecting victims of my quick-witted backlash:

Funky_cock: mmm u do ass to mouth bb ?

My reply: *pointing to my dildo* “Sure, my toy up your ass and then straight into your mouth. Come get it, big boy!”. Hey! Where’d he go?