Graph Your Earnings

When graphing your earnings, always consider amount of hours worked should be similar from week to week. If not, yet you work roughly the same amount of hours over a month or a 3-month stretch (quarterly), then you may want to graph monthly or quarterly to obtain a more accurate reading.

Here’s a great site that generates a graph for you. Just enter your data.
If you would like to display the graph without exact dollar figures (your revenue is your own business), take the dollar amounts and multiply each one by the same amount. For example, you earned:


Now, multiply that by any number you like (note: I use a ridiculously high number, to show a representation but not the actual dollar figures). $426.81 x 50 = $21340.50 (obviously not a realistic weekly payout). Use the same number (in my case, x 50) to multiply all your figures and the graph will reflect the exact same trend as if you used the actual numbers.

Below are some screenshots showing you what fields to enter your information.

Here is the link to the site that generates your graph for you.



Your graph will look something like this …

On this page, in the settings, enter a title for your graph here (ie: Weekly Earnings)

Choose a title to appear below the graph (ie: Weeks)

Name for your scale (ie: Earnings)

Enter payout dates here (ie: Jan 1, Jan 8, Jan 15) each on its own line

Enter payout amounts here (ie: 10000, 20000, 30000) each on its own line. Feel free to multiply the real amounts, for none other than the fact it is no one’s business how much you truly earn.

Click Create Chart

These are just the very basics for those who have never graphed their earnings before. Feel free to test out the other choices as well. If you make a mistake, you can always click “Modify This Chart” below the chart, which will return you to the previous page where you can make changes. When satisfied, click anywhere on the graph and select “Save Picture As …” to save to your computer.