Why I Created CamGirlClubs

After 16 long years in camming, things had gone from fun to frustration. The sites went from bad to worse in terms of their treatment of the camgirls overall. A little history (relevant to the reason I decided enough is enough and decided to create my own site for camgirls):

Clue #1

I got my first taste of ‘something’s just not right’ back on iFriends a few years after I started, when they announced they would be holding back 10% of our revenues for a period of 6 months, to cover chargebacks and refunds. I accused them, in the chathosts’ private  forums, of using our hard-earned money to invest for selfish gain (and I wasn’t wrong). They suspended my account immediately for those comments. This set an example for the rest, not to ever speak out against them, (even if it is the truth). What’s worse is, they never showed us a report of the ins and outs of that reserve account (the 10% held back) and took money from it as they pleased, with no one to answer to, ever! The revenue report they post for us disappears after 3 months. So, anything after that, we’re unable to see. So, good luck trying to account for where that 10% went!

Dummy Duh

One day, while I was learning how to code HTML. I noticed that the source code on our Fan Club pages had script that read “dummyduh=”true””. I have to admit, this had me mildly concerned that this is how they thought of us. It isn’t such a stretch, considering the tactics I’ve seen.

“Clear Your Cookies”

Their tech people continually blamed our internet connections, when we’d call in with reports of problems accessing the site or its features, or with navigation, stats reporting, etc. Despite the many complaints by customers on their own platform, as well as on outside forums of their laggy service and horrid page load time, they continue to blame the chathosts, the members, everything but themselves, without even looking into it first. According to them, there were never any complaints. I was always the “only one” having issues that day. The infamous line “did you clear your cookies?” if anything, lightened the mood with some humor. I still don’t know how they could say that with a straight face. Perhaps they just said it so much, it wore on them, like an old joke. I pointed out that they might want to read their very own forums, as there were complaints galore about the same issue I was complaining about. Again, somehow it’s our fault. The site runs perfectly.  5 members that were booted out of my room in that 10 minute span, just ‘coincidentally’ all happened to be on bad connections (since my connection was perfectly fine and I had proof enough to shoot down that theory).

Members Overbilled

Members were being overbilled, double-triple, sometimes even quadruple billed. These were reported to the site and still, nothing was done to fix it.  Those overbillings never disappeared off my earnings,  and this was during a time where refunds/chargebacks ran rampant and everyone was seeing a sudden surge in both. So, it makes no sense for them not to want to deduct the overbillings from us.


Jaime Answers My E-mails

jaime@Webpower was the name that appeared in my settings somehow, rather than ‘amanda36c’  (and I certainly didn’t make that change). So, every member wanting to e-mail me through the fan club system, was actually sending their message to her and not me. Strange testing jumble appeared in the list of handles I use online (again, a result of them tampering in my personal account settings). Many, many things just did not add up.

The Great ‘Glitch’ Switch

Major discrepancies were caught through the iFriendsv2 reports (when they switched over the platforms from iFriends.com to iFriendsv2). Some members in my fan club showed as being there for several months, years yet I was only paid for one month. This was reported. What did they do about it? Change the info in the reports and tell me it was a “glitch”. Bullshit!

Legal Eagles

I started to notice discrepancies in revenue reports where nothing was matching up. Reporting it, again, got me nowhere. I asked to see specific reports pertaining to my earnings, that they didn’t report to us on the site (like that 10% reserve account – balances). They sent me some that really didn’t add up with the reports I had from the site. I inquired further about this and they outright refused to answer me. Inquiring about it further, with management, got me nowhere, so I threatened legal recourse, which only made them lawyer up and refuse to communicate any further.

They STILL Own The Dot Net

Just recently, iFriends decided to renew amanda36c.net. They are STILL, after 3 & 1/2 years of me having left their platform, a nasty public revenue dispute on the Ripoffreport.com website, several e-mails back and forth during that time,  earning money off my content (that I have never been paid for). The Whois record shows amanda36c.net was updated 2012-12-17 and expires in 2014. http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.net



I had to deal with a lot of harassment in my room, especially those last few years on iFriends. Back then, I thought it might have been a fellow chathost. I now know that was not the case. After all that, I’d finally had enough and started looking around at other sites. I was approached by one of the owners of Streamate and began to work there.  It didn’t take long before the harassment followed me there and continued. All the same mannerisms, all the same insults, everything, exactly the same. This is not a fellow camgirl, not a random internet troll. This is someone who, in their own words, threatened me to “stay offline”. They also have an endless array of accounts on that site, where blocking them is completely useless. Reporting it does absolutely nothing, either.


The sites will have us believe that the economy has finally started to penetrate what once was a recession-proof industry. Has it really become as bad as it appears on the surface or are we just unable to see all that’s going on? That aside, websites selling our content, live feeds are still popping up all over the place, yet our revenues continue to decline. I see the sites creating more studios, subcontractors no longer signed up directly through them, rather through these representatives’ sites now. Girls working for as little as 18% now. How low can they go? Who is doing anything to stop them?

This, my friends, is why I have decided to create CamGirl Clubs. To summarize it best, I will  quote a very wise man: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Camgirls, I’d love to have you join me. Let’s change this industry, for the better.
Check out the site http://camgirlclubs.com
Apply here. http://camgirlclubsinfo.wordpress.com/