BAD Impersonation of an NHL goalie

A member entered my room with nothing in mind but to waste some time while trying to annoy me. The latter didn’t work but he did manage to successfully waste both our time.

timmythomas: so the leagues best goalie has just entered the room.. and i see this disgusting display of the habs

Knowing full well that this wasn’t the real Tim Thomas, goaltender for the Boston Bruins, I played along anyway, figuring this might spark some fun, to start my late night shift.  I started mentioning some great goalies that played for the Habs, just to see if he’d throw some numbers at me or give me some indication that he knew something about hockey other than the 2011 Stanley Cup champions’ goaltender’s name. Apparently, he knew little else. Some last line of defense he was. Couldn’t even talk old time hockey!

timmythomas: ken dryden is like 60. look at my screen name

I’d have to be really stupid to believe this guy was who he was claiming to be, first of all, and secondly, why would Tim Thomas be so dumb to attach his name to the sort of comments posted in my public chatroom tonight? While it seemed entertaining at first, boredom quickly settled in. I also began to realize that his intent was to drive my attention away from the other members in my room. What was this guy’s game?

timmythomas: not me, im the best

Taking it now to a level that might have close family members concerned for his mental health, he started believing he really was Tim Thomas. Since his failed attempt to convince me, I guess he decided it might be best to believe it himself.  

He was playing this up like a pro, but still failing miserably to score any points with me.

timmythomas: last year i let tukka take the reigns

Some others tried to join in with more interesting, less self-serving topics of conversation, but in chimed Mister Nice Guy again, with more rudeness. Now, he was starting to mess with the other members in my room.

timmythomas: lmao at all these idiots trying to speak french to impress you

Granted, sometimes I like to indulge in correcting members’ bad English, in a fun, schoolteacher sort of way. Done in a comedic fashion, careful not to have my meaning misconstrued. 😉 One thing I will not stand for, however, is when a guest starts to do this and his comments come across as clearly rude to others. I offered a warning to him to knock it off.

timmythomas: ur grammar is garbage fools

I started getting the others ready for PartyChat but he was still rambling on, obsessed with having my full attention on him and only him. Like a child that demanded his parents look at him while he spun around, pretending he was a helicopter. Imagine this behavior in a grown-up.

timmythomas: well start talking hockey for fucks sake and ill throw some paper at you

A break from him, finally! PartyChat session took me away like Calgon! I returned from it, only to find him there, waiting for me, with more kind words. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I hadn’t just blocked his ass sooner. I guess I was thinking that he might offer up some good hockey banter in the future. Perhaps just to allow him the rope to hang himself. Eventually, he’d say something awful enough to warrant the site’s strongarm in suspending or deleting his account.

timmythomas: ur back, how was that show???
i ber u were thinking of me the whole time
no, ill high stick you 😀
is ur hubbie in the room with you??
care price is a bum

My final attempt to get a PartyChat going was a failure, but no credit to him, this time around. There simply were not enough members in the room to support a PartyChat at that time anyway. My thought process was that if I could get one going, he’d slip off into someone else’s room and move on with his life. The last thing I wanted  on my hands was a second harrasser. My hands are full with the one I already have. Unless this is them and it happens to be a ‘good mood’ day! Who knows? His comment about my PartyChat, which he refers to here as Gold Show (I’m not quite sure why), got my finger edging toward the block button. I had sufficient confirmation that he wasn’t ever going to use the premium services offered. He was there for one reason only; to divert my attention from the members in my room and waste time. I waited for the inevitable, but it was taking longer than I’d hoped.

this vezina trophy winner doesnt roll like that

My part of that conversation was minimal, though for some reason, I allowed him to go on, assumign he’d get tired and nod himself off to sleep at some point. As performers, we play so many diverse roles here. I think we could be Oscar contenders! Of all the roles, nothing quite compares to that of babysitter, and that’s the least favorite one on my list.

He continues on, in his wannabe shoes.

timmythomas: my screen name says i am.. so there for i must be

Then, of course, a jab at a Habs player (simply because he knows I’m a Habs fan). Not surprised, as he insulted the Habs goaltender, Carey Price in a recent statement, as well.

timmythomas: erik cole is a bum

timmythomas: im in the TD gardens as we speak.. chara is blasting clappers at me, im in training already

timmythomas: so whose the dude in the room with you???

More impersonation of the NHL goalie:

timmythomas: is he a fan of mine or no?

Then, out of nowhere, he decided to bore me to tears!

timmythomas: i will buy up the whole entire show like a bauce if you answer a trivia question

timmythomas: theres actually alot of really hot girls on tonight

Asked my another member if I performed a certain ‘function’, my response was “no and I wrote that in my profile. Please read my profile before asking questions. It may already be answered there.”. Tim chimed in with a really rude remark:

timmythomas: \YOU STUPID FUCK

Someone asks a question rather politely and then he jumps in on him with this, the straw that finally broke the camel’s back:


Wondering why someone would act like such an ass, I probed him, looking for some trace of humanity. His final statements, after being asked why he was so rude, what he is doing in my room and why even pretend to be a member, when he is clearly not:

timmythomas: can we talk about the winnipeg jets for a minute
i do, i have a few comments
i think their forwards are awesome.. andrew ladd resigned.. bryan little is a 40 goal scorer.. they need goaltending fucking bad
whazt do u mean prove im a member
i signed up with a credit card didnt i?
my wife will beat my ass
if i spend on it
lol u dont know my bride
shes wack
how can u say that?
just because i refuse to pay for a show? i dont even really like watching girls fuck them selves, im more into real porn

I called that one. It became obvious when I realized how much he craved attention that he was not here for my services. After 14 years in this industry, one just has to tap into that superpower to know a buyer from a time-waster. My only mistake was not blocking him sooner. I’m certain though, he will be back. If my harrasser can do it, day after day, after being blocked a thosand times, then surely, so can this guy (assuming they’re not the same person).

timmythomas: lesbian porn to be precise
and fine, ill leave ur shows.. i jsut like to keep it interesting

Despite all this and my delayed reaction, I still managed fairly well for the night. It was hot and I wasn’t really in the mood for a fun run. I was just melting in my chair, figuring sometimes I’ll sign in anyway, not really intending to push for the buck, just letting the fun happen.