Playoff Jinx

On April 14th, 2011, I decided to put the razor and shaving cream away. It was time for me to grow my first ever playoff beard. My bikini line was to grow wild and frantic, as the Habs were to take the Briuns out of the playoffs. Well, at least I still have the playoff beard. Fast-forward to today; Habs golfing in Florida, Bruins set to face the Lightning in the conference finals, Sharks and Canucks ready to battle it out in the west. Here I am, undecided about what to do with my jinxy dilemma.

Every eastern conference team I have taken, lost in the first round:





I was a little luckier with my western conference picks:


Red Wings 



Very sad. Goes to show you – no matter how much you think you know, no matter how educated you think you are about a certain topic, when it comes to playoffs, your best bet is to simply admit you don’t know Jack! Of course, you could get lucky (like the Bruins did) but for the most part, someone out there’s got ya beat. 😉

So, brings me to my dilemma; should I just plead the 5th now about this crucial round in the playoffs or root on the team opposite the one I want to win? Since all of my picks have been wrong. Will that work or … is karma just too dang smart for that trick? Or .. was it my beard that brought on the jinx?