HD Cam Display Problems on Tinychat

For cam display problems, here’s how I got my HD camcorder to finally work on Tinychat, after receiving that annoying “camera is in use by another application” error.

  • First, I rebooted my pc. 
  •  I grabbed a large-headed hammer … Well, I wanted to anyway.
  • Changed the settings from HD mode to DV and flicked over from 1080 i to 480 i.
  • Turned off the cam and then turned it back on and voila – for the first time, I was never so happy to see my own goofy surprised expression staring back at the cam! Woo hoo!

If you tried this and it doesn’t work, there are other culprits which I’m likely unfamiliar with or programs that are working against you here. You will need to seek assistance elsewhere. I do hope this was helpful though.