TGI Have a Sense of Humour!

When someone enters my chat with a question like this, what sort of response do they seek?

Tommy69: can i stick my big toe in your bumb and have you fart on it?

Another member was so tired of waiting for me to reach my goal so that a partychat may ensue, that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

zmitch: fuck it ill buy everything

I like people that can grab a problem by the balls and scrunch it, but it wouldn’t be fair if one member puts in 80 for the same exact thing that others are only putting in 10 for. I insisted on him staying while I tried to gather up enough members. After a few failed partychat attempts, he just went ahead and tossed in 40. Along with a few minor contributions from other members, I managed to reach my goal and we all had a merry time.

Sometimes, a member will take the words right out of my mouth:

zmitch: come on cheap asses

For some reason, this always puts a smile on my face, especially when they have actually made a contribution themself.