Why I Stay On Streamate

I’m asked this so often, that I decided to write a blog, explaining what I can’t in twitter’s 140-character limit. Hopefully, this will shed some much needed light on the subject and put to rest those burning questions about why I continue to stay on Streamate, despite the fact that they’re playing games with my traffic, placement and even going as far as to bounce members out of my room.

I will address the latter first because it seems to make no sense to people, why Streamate would bounce members out of someone’s room.

The marketing director and his wife are recruiters on Streamate. I called her out one day for using a phrase I made up and have been using since I first started in the industry, about 16 years ago. Her response to my friendly poke was a hate-filled, full out attack. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/

Here’s what ensued:

Since that day, my placement went from page 1 to page 3, causing a decline in overall traffic to my room. I’ve also been told by members that they are getting error messages upon trying to enter my room. More than usual. Regulars tell me constantly that they are being bounced out and when I ask them if they’re on a wireless, they say “no”. When I ask them where they end up after they get bounced, they tell me “the main page”. I say “the page with all the girls listed (page 1 of the site?”. They confirm. This tells me it is not their connection. It is also not my connection. I recorded sessions showing the ins and outs of members to my room and how quickly they are bounced lately is astounding. I greet them by first waving, then after a few seconds, calling their handle. No response, of course and the next thing I knew, they were gone. Members that went in for a Gold Show were bounced out and obviously unable to return at all.

I’ve suffered a huge decline in revenue, as a direct result of their actions, immediately following that dispute. His position to manipulate traffic for self-serving interests, displays a poorly run site with little no to oversight on management’s part.

So, the onus is on me to walk away? The obvious answer would be “Yes. Just go to another site then.”. Sounds good and yes, of course I’ve considered that. I’ve even done it, in fact. The harassment, which has stopped dead on Streamate after the above-mentioned incident, has continued on every other site I work on. It doesn’t matter where I go. The harassment, threats, insults follow me everywhere and have been consistent over the years, with the same slurs, insults, threats, veiled threats, ‘advice’, attitude, mannerisms, and jabs. The same tone, the same hatred, the same … everything. They are everywhere I am onine. They follow me everywhere I go. From camming sites like Streamate, Webcams, Myfreecams, Livejasmin, to social networking platforms like  Twitter, Formspring, Youtube. They have blatantly told me to “stay offline” after issuing their threats.

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t crave or ask for this sort of attention. I listen to classic rock in my room, sing and dance, chat with members about hockey, relationships, different cultures, basically everything and anything. I’m also not into drama and games. That’s not to say I won’t push back if someone pushes me first. I am a true Canadian, after all. Fighting is in our nature and besides, who likes to get stepped on, played with, screwed over? Hell, not me.

I hope this finally puts to rest any questions about why I continue to stay on Streamate, despite all the bullshit and games.  If someone asks: “why doesn’t she just leave Streamate and find another site where they don’t play games?” or “why doesn’t she just leave?”, please give them the url to this blog.


Thanks for reading!