Day Off Dilemma

Taking a day off yesterday helped to settle the dust a little. The pressure of being constantly harrassed, and now watching my traffic and revenues dwindle down to practically half of what they were, is stressful, so much to the point where my only choice was to step back. It’s a sort of catch-22 though when you have to take a break, though you really can’t afford to, just to be able to gain some composure and re-focus.  Only to get back into the same groove (or rut) and have to watch it play out, the same way, all over again. It’s Groundhog day, every day. It becomes increasingly difficult to perform under these conditions. We make our own beds in this life though and if we don’t like one path, we can choose another. It’s may 23rd, so maybe everyone just spent too much money on mother’s day gifts. We can also attribute slowness to anticipation of this rapture thing that was supposed to happen. I guess everyone just spent all their money on sinful things in their final days. The only people disappearing lately are members I’m used to seeing in my chat every night.

Do you take a day off, even though you know you can’t afford to?

How far do you allow harrassment  to go before blowing the whistle? Who is responsible to stop this? Myself, the site or the law?  All of the above, perhaps? What do I do? Leave the site? Stay, knowing full well that this won’t stop? It’s been happening for a year, despite my many complaints to the site about it. And now, with the traffic slowdown, what to do?

Where has all the traffic gone?

I’m really not looking forward to work, for two reasons. The harrassment and slow traffic, in that order. 😉  It’s too bad. Really is.