The Definition of Antitrust

I started a thread, containing an an ad under the Camming Connection section of the Stripperweb forum (a seemingly popular adult industry public message board). There are plenty of ads, just like mine in that Camming Connection area of the forum. This was my ad …




In fact, similar ads include the moderator’s own and those deemed OK by her, all within her (very active and strongly persuasive) circle of co-workers, and associates. As you can see from the start date of their threads, those ads have been kicking around for quite some time. Mine is deleted within five minutes of being posted. This is a clear display of how these forums are being controlled and manipulated.  I believe the legal term is “antitrust”.  Here are a few examples of their threads:


ad1 ad2 ad3


And finally, this ad for a site created by the moderator of that forum. The one who deletes my posts and threads and then steals my website idea …


The kicker is the arrogant manner in which she conducts herself in her explanation for the warning. Her ads (and those of her associates) are nothing if not “unidirectional” but mine are in the wrong place.



Perhaps I should have worded my ad differently, with a title like “Has anyone heard of” and get all my co-workers together to post a Q&A session in there, promoting all the great features of the site, inciting as much interest as possible with the wording,  and then, to give it some credibility, toss in a few negative statements, so it’s believable. For the grand finale, add some awesomely positive feedback from girls who are “signing up” but have a few questions before they do. The more you hype it, the more interest it generates.

Shortly after, I posted some truths about the pimps in a thread which over-glorified them in the way I just mentioned. Admittedly, I overstepped my boundaries there. I should know better than to jump into their sandbox and kick sand at them. I know who owns/operates/controls/manipulates people in that sandbox. Silly me.

So, I got banned for this statement.

It doesn’t matter what I post, it gets deleted. It’s been that way for years. I’m a threat to them because I am one of so very few in this industry who is not afraid to speak her mind, especially when it concerns them.



Needless to say …


As if I give a rat’s ass.

Moving right along, a post was made by one of their associates and then a rather lengthy response by the moderator herself, feeling the need to elaborate on her reasons for banning me. Since when does a moderator, so consumed with PR duties in the forum her boss has her controlling, even have the time to go checking my Twitter account for what I tweet? If I am just a forum troll, as she called me in her ban description, then why follow my social media accounts? This is a very familiar scene with familiar people whose masks can no longer hide who they are. I’ve pointed this out several times in this blog. In fact, their little group is mentioned in it more times than I can count and in more ways than owning website forums.


The difference between myself and them is that I have nothing to gain by lying to people about who they are, their schemes, their games, their lies, thefts, frauds. They have everything to lose by all of that being exposed.