Their Latest Game – Pay To Play!

Just when I thought my harrasser had finally run out of ideas. Their latest game seems to be a Pay 2 Play one. All of their games over the last year and a half, rolled up into one and nicely displayed in the chat archives of last night’s session. Since I screenshot just about everything I feel might be of any significance, I decided to screenshot the crap out of this one, from the get-go and looky what I caught! In these screenshots, I highlighted their chat, where they start with the usual introduction – how they signed up just because of me. Funny, I removed all links pointing to my live room because they didn’t appear to be generating revenue. Could be an affiliate who gets paid to drive traffic to the site and earns a percentage of what the member spends. Let’s go with that. I know for a fact that I never personally brought this guy to Streamate. Oh and then they go on to the next game – the “ha ha ha” game. This is the part where they do nothing but lie and the “hahaha” is a dead giveaway. He tries to cover it up by saying he’s a dope fiend, basically but I’m not buying it. He tries to say he’s from the same city as me. Asks where I live (to be sure). Tries to find out what strip club I work at. So now I’m a stripper. Interesting the things you find out about yourself from complete strangers on the internet. Tries to ask me to post my cell phone number, too. Seems this person really wants to find me. He even joined my show (at my cheap rate, mind you). As if it was at all possible, he then started to get really rude and weird on me, so I did what any gal fed up to her tits of one particular asshole would do – use the block button! Here it is (his part highlighted in purple):