Amanda the Analyst

     The last two nights have been as slow as molasses, with traffic to my room only half of what I’m used to seeing.  One can tell by the scrollbar over on the right of the page, which lists  all members in the room, at what rate the volume of traffic is. You know it’s slow when there is no scrollbar. I have never seen it this slow before. My revenues for the short shift coincided well with the traffic I was seeing. Overall,the last two nights have been insufferable. I only reached 50% of my average revenue per hour. That’s terrible!

I feel a need to analyze this:   

     I understand this business very well; the expectations, the implications, the games, the things that go on behind the scenes, the things that happen (and don’t happen) as a direct result of our actions. All of which serve to teach us how insignificant we really are. When this is understood and the big picture starts to present itself, we choose a new path, once again, and continue to toil along, on the same road with the same destination. You can toil away years of your life  for someone else, with nothing but a week-to-week paycheck to show for it. You can work like a dog, yet not get any further along. Revenues fluctuate like risky stocks, never really stabilizing, only in short-term, if anything. The mindset that you’re building a business for yourself is pure naivete. You’re only in business for yourself when you’re calling the shots and are able to create change. It’s too costly and far too risky to start up something on your own in the cam world with any kind of success, so you’re stuck working for someone else. Generally speaking, many sites appear to be only bottom-line-minded with minimal regards to the working conditions. By that, I mean the overall ease of use for features such as sign-in procedure, lack of data given in a range of areas, concern for solving problems related to abuse of the system, etc. Even building tools are scarce, despite the fact that they would, no doubt, be a major contributor to revenue growth. Then there are sites that provide the tools, the data, everything in a nice little package, yet fail severely in traffic retention and advertising. 

      At this point in my life and career, with a good knowledge of this industry, I’m certain I could turn any camsite into a huge success. I have ideas galore that would work to benefit all users of the site. I know the difference between fluff and useful features. I know a lot of what makes members tick, what they enjoy versus what they find useless on the site. I know what makes for happy hosts (and happy hosts = happy members). 

     Alas, I’m just a cam girl who takes her clothing off for a living. What could I possibly know about this business? I’ve only been doing this for the last 14 years, working and communicating closely with members. What could I possibly have gathered from all of my conversations with them, except to know how they like when I bounce, shake and jiggle my breasts in front of the cam? What I really  need is a piece of paper with some signatures on it and a pretty gold stamp in the upper left corner, to prove I know what I’m talking about. 😉