Skype Vs Cam Sites

A few light notes to consider on the topic of Skype Versus Cam Sites:


Skype doesn’t have glitches that never get fixed.

Members on Skype don’t have connection issues nearly as much as on the sites.

People can’t scroll your Skype chat.

Your Skype chat room can’t be flooded with hundreds of fake guests.

Skype has a block feature that works.

Skype doesn’t offer a voyeur view that you don’t get paid for.

You can set your Skype status to online and people will find you.

Skype doesn’t steal your video feed from private sessions to sell on other sites behind your back.


Rather than lose us and all the content that has made them rich, select cam site owners decided to lay low and quietly create Skype show platforms, complete with a conveniently integrated system which handles the billing of customers and payments to you  packaged perfectly to include chargebacks and refunds, for your benefit, of course. They are quick to answer questions about it with absolute professionalism but then fail to deliver what they tried to sell everyone on in their initial launch plan and the only thing the average camgirl cares about; paying traffic.

In this industry, there is a saying: Content is King. It is blatantly obvious that this has become the standard  Their method for obtaining this content as cheaply as possible can be accomplished by creating little dinky sites, a basic copy and paste job with slight modifications to the design/interface, hoping to lure girls in under promises of ridiculously high commissions (of the traffic you drive to yourself, they fail to mention). Kinda makes that high commission irrelevant. 70% of nothing is still nothing. It isn’t hard for a web designer to make those changes nor is it hard for a webmaster to buy a domain and hosting service. That’s pocket change in the form of operating costs, necessary in order to maintain fresh content for their buyers/traders.

The sites can’t deliver any sort of decent traffic anymore. We all see the decline. Anyone with the slightest business sense or logic would ask why the payout is so high. What’s the catch? There is no such thing as a gift horse in this industry, only scammers, liars and cheats. Let’s face it. Look at where all the sites are located, where their servers are, where their contracts are out of. A quick glance at that will tell you the IRS isn’t getting their share. You think they’re not stealing from you, too? Reality check, please.

So camgirls, if you’re looking to go truly independent and offer Skype shows, be wise and don’t sign up with any site or recruiter (they use them to herd up the masses) if they gain access to your  video stream in any way. A sure sign of that is if the Skype program is embedded on their site and it isn’t you signing in directly to Skype. Generally, You may think you’re independent but if you’re not signed into Skype, you’re not doing Skype shows. Period. You can rest assured, there is a pimp in the shadows stealing from you, once again. It’s what they do best. Don’t be fooled!

Be independent. What you need to do is this:

Hire someone to create a website for you (or if you’re knowledgeable, do it yourself) with a Home page, Join page, Contact page, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Refund Policy.

Register a company, to legitimately accept payments from customers with a good payment processor which age verifies them (an absolute must).

Trademark your name. There are people in this industry slimy enough to try and take everything you have built over the years and with that trademark, they can. First usage is deemed common-law trademark, however, you would be forced to oppose, and this will cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars.


Camgirls interested in being independent and willing to work at it, I will show you what it takes. Perform a search for me on Skype if you’re serious. We will talk there. For those that want someone to do all the work for them, you are enabling the webpimps to thrive. Laziness is costing us all – big time. I wish girls would realize that it takes hard work to be independent. It is no walk in the park. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, then go back to the pimps and get ripped off. We, the camgirls produce the content that make the webpimps rich. So, what do the pimps do and why are they the ones making the lion’s share of the money in this industry? I’m ashamed to admit, on behalf of all women in this industry, we have not evolved whatsoever, from the dinosaur days of the oldest profession in the world. We are still under pimp rule. If the roles were reversed and there was as much of a demand for camguys, would this bring out women pimps, taking that lion’s share of the money earned? I can’t even begin to imagine that scenario. Gender still dictates who controls the money in an industry built around women, by women. What is wrong with us? This is our industry. Is it not? Or is it laziness that prevents us from thriving? When you renounce control over what is rightfully yours, there is always someone willing to put in the work and snag the profits, as well. This seems to be the case. If you are lazy, you are prey. It’s as simple as that. It isn’t the industry that needs to change; it is our mindset about it.


I am working on a tutorial which explains the necessary steps to becoming truly independent, in full detail. I will promote it when completed. In the meantime, start on the three things mentioned above in blue.