The Brainwasher

The brainwasher, a common pest, perches itself atop the hierarchy of adult industry scum, looking down on the lower ranks with contempt and authority. Their words, daggers. Their actions, self-serving. Hiding in social corners, they silently stalk their prey, watching over like the eagle from a safe, high distance, making their presence known only when it suits the agenda. With tools at their disposal to multiply in droves, a large number of these exist and are infesting every inch of the industry.

We all see it yet we play ignorant. The typical camgirl’s response, resulting from her lower ranking, is to opt for the safety and security of silence over the ramifications of speaking out. Afraid to rock the boat or go against the grain, the masses of lower ranks simply follow their leader, making the brainwasher’s job now effortless. The brainwashed buy into the belief that outside forces control the traffic ebbs and flows. Influence of this magnitude allows the brainwasher to govern the industry.

A common neglect to place blame where it rightfully belongs suggests the sites are never at fault. Rather, diverting everyone’s attention toward a wide range of outside disturbances, including our connections, the internet, the weather. If that wasn’t believable enough, the self-doubt card was dealt, through subtle advice (in a calm yet influential manner). Brainwashing 101. In summary, traffic is slow because we don’t work enough hours, it’s because we don’t hustle hard enough, it’s because of what time of day or night we work, it’s because of the time of year it is (summer slowdown, back to school, Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, New Year’s, Superbowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, etc.). Feel free to include any old embellishment of the truth while we’re on a roll here. Perhaps it’s time to take the we out of that equation, stop making excuses and look at what’s staring us right in the face. I have been in this industry for 17.5 years and have seen enough bullshit. When those industry forums were filled with real camgirls, you got the raw truth and no real camgirl made excuses for slow traffic. We blamed the sites (and rightfully so), gave them shit and called out every glitch. Initially, they tried to convince us it was our connections and we actually bought it for awhile but then, after much troubleshooting to exhaust every possible culprit (performing internet speed checks online with outside, trustworthy sources, open other windows to see if it works, try using video in other programs), we discovered it was indeed the sites and not our collective internet connections (surprise, surprise!). Many complaints were made in the forums about video freezing, dropping and the sites still continued to blame the girl, the customer, everything under the sun, but never their system. When devices started to gain in popularity and more people were enjoying our shows on them, the sites saw an opportunity to blame them for the dropped connections. That was pretty quickly dispelled with rave reviews coming from girls performing Skype shows that ran perfectly smooth and whose connections remained intact.

We have to stop feeding the notion that those running this industry are clean and honest. The truth is, they are filthy and the biggest liars, deceivers and scum! The longer they make excuses for all these (so-called) “glitches”, year after year, the lower we sink into an even deeper submissive state. A true insult to our intelligence. With that many performers and customers having problems, no site relying on live video revenue would survive losses lasting that long and in those numbers. How could they still be making money? Unless, of course, they don’t really need us, right? “Content is King’, after all. Right, sites?

We have all taken notice of how arrogant and controlling some self-proclaimed camgirls can be in certain industry forums. Many are extremely secretive with their online footprint, using different names in the forums than the ones they supposedly use on the sites. The site owners, managers, recruiters , paid P.R. people are in there (it’s quite obvious) with fake camgirl names, which can’t be found anywhere else besides that forum, not tracing to any existing active camgirl. When confronted, they claim that they don’t want their customers (who, as we all know, don’t enter those forums anyway)  to read all about their chat exchanges which, at times, can be very personal. One can create as many different names in those forums as their heart desires without even having to prove they are an actual camgirl. How convenient.

Has the burning question surfaced yet? Would the sites do this? Why go through all the trouble? What do they stand to gain? Why money, of course, through influence and ultimately control. With that range of power, the sky’s the limit. This is how influence works in our industry:

In fellow camgirl mode, their befriending efforts gain them support and trust of the real camgirls. When they feel threatened, or their efforts are being compromised, they use their influence over you to make you succumb to their way of doing things or offer advice as a last resort. In the event of a failed attempt to brainwash you, they resort to plan ‘b’, to gang up and attack. Anyone who doesn’t follow the mindset put forth by the group is susceptible to those attacks. Performers who ask too many questions start to immediately see declines in traffic and revenue. It is not a stretch to believe the sites would pose as camgirls in these forums with advice if it meant a way to increase their bottomline. Some of these beliefs are from real camgirls, some are not. I can differentiate between the brainwashers and the brainwashed because I have been in the industry so long and know a transformation when I see one. I have witnessed a shift in mindset and how it correlates with drops in traffic and revenue. The point is, these fakes have poisoned the minds of many camgirls and that fact should be brought to light.

This is just an example of the sites doing what they do best. The precedent was set long ago, concerning  these beliefs about where traffic has gone and while the blame is cast in all those other directions, there has to be that burning question in everyone’s mind; for an industry so spontaneous and with spending habits so random (that is what it once was), how has it evolved to this point where certain patterns emerge and traffic flows, normally sporadic, have become so predictable? For example: best days and worst days (we all know what ours are), those last days leading up to the pay period’s end (slow as hell), those first moments after the system starts a new pay period week (fantastic!). There does look to be a more manipulated pattern in recent years than ever before which there shouldn’t be. Pay attention to these very carefully. Graphed earnings will display a pattern, clear as day. Go back (up to) as many as 4 years.

I know the sites read my blog (rather frequently, I might add), so I’m not going to tip my hand here with how I know the difference between the brainwashers and the brainwashed but most camgirls are clever enough to figure this out for ourselves (yes, mister Webpimp, we are).

Now, it appears the trend has shifted toward everyone getting what for some reason they are calling “vanilla” jobs, … better known as real jobs. You know you’ve been in this industry too long when … 😉 Hell, I don’t even call it that.

Food for thought.