A Mixed Bag of Everything

FTW = For The Win. Right? Could this term be any more simplified? It sounds to me like a sports term which implies that one team is better than another. For example, I’d say “Habs FTW!” and expect you to interpret it as me taking the Habs to win, generally speaking, unless of course I specify which team they are to win against. Maybe I just belong to a time where things meant what they sounded like (it was really just common sense) and not a time where  phrases are just a jumble of meaningless words and it’s up to you to one day figure that out. Everything is abbreviated because God forbid anyone had to type a full 3-letter word! People don’t even get the meaning of simple phrases anymore. Are they using these phrases because it’s hip to do so?

tclark1127: Hockey FTW

rb26dett: i take it u do
ftw = fpr the win

tclark1127: usually, it’s used in the manner of like “something is the best” and people just say “ftw” to indicate that

tclark1127: lol
we’ll just mutually agree on that one then


I love it when someone says they have joined the site because of me. It just reminds me of how much I bring to the table.

Fumbles: I joined this site just because of the preview I saw of your cam. I love your no bull shit attitude.

gyko: hey Amanda 🙂
you bet 🙂
I come in here time to time, but today i thought I would be polite and say hello

gyko: you had tons of other people talking to you, rare to come in here and you not have 50 others gawking you 🙂
dont want to see you going to waste 🙂

gyko: even when you arent getting naked its still fun in here with the chat


OK, I have it in my profile, where I stated “Sorry anal lovers, nothing for you!”. It’s also written on the whiteboard behind me that I do not perform anal, yet somehow, someone misses it!

wild_dick: do u like anal


In any other situation where a microphone might be involved, would this question still pop up? Why do some people think that just because I am a female, with a vaginal hole, some inanimate object absolutely must go into it?  I didn’t have the heart to tell him to screw himself. I told him what I used the mic for; speaking into.

Weeds: whats the mic for?

DickyNormus: whats the mike for really?

DickyNormus: this dude is an idiot


Gotta love the potty-mouthed compliment. No really, I so fucking do!

lokejames: omg i love your fucking smile


Then comes the question, out of nowhere that never fails to make me giggle. Just when I thought I’ve hear ’em all!

aj1503: do u crack your toes?


Botafish pledged $50.00 in total toward my Gold Show! Claimed he wouldn’t stick around but he did. 😉

botafish: im not staying but im putting up $30 of my own cash for all you cheap asses!!!  party chat guys….  she is worth every cent.  beautiful!!!

botafish has pledged $30.00 toward your GOLD Show.

botafish has pledged $20.00 toward your GOLD Show.

I felt awful that one member felt that in order to get me naked, he had to dish out 5 times what others are too cheap to put up even once! I thanked Botafish but went on to explain that the idea is to have everyone pledge the same amount and enjoy the show equally. He understood my side and I understood his but my greatest concern was not the money, rather the lack of traffic and members entering into the Gold Shows. I told him I would rather have 10 members plegde 10 gold each than have to rely on one guy to give 50 gold. It doesn’t happen often that a member is willing to dish out that kind of cash. He could see how hard it was just getting 10 guys to give 10 gold each!

theoldwarhorse has pledged $10.00 toward your GOLD Show.

theoldwarhorse: come on you cheap bastards

botafish: i can affor it  stop feeling bad

DickyNormus has pledged $10.00 toward your GOLD Show.
DickyNormus: yea come on guys!!
he likes u!
come on you guys!! shes hot!

Needless to say, even with his pledge of 50 gold, I still couldn’t reach my goal and subsequently had to cancel the show. It hurt to have to give one guy his 50 gold back because that could be a good future customer but my mindset has to remain firm on what I will and what I won’t accept as my goal, and if I don’t reach it, I try again. I hate canceling PartyChats but always explain to them why I cancelled and ask them to stick around anyway.

DickyNormus: one guy gives half the cost and we still didnt make the gold?
that sucks…

Botafish (the guy who pledged $50.00 that I regrettably had to return) waved goodbye but I somehow managed to convince him to stick around. Ahhh, persistance. I knew a PartyChat was coming. The trick is to keep the guys in the room and eventually, have enough accumulated to actually get a PartyChat rolling.

DickyNormus: really

botafish: sorry guys    tried to help  everyone have a good night!!

DickyNormus: its cool botafish

botafish: night all!!!

So I started up another PartyChat attempt.

botafish has pledged $30.00 toward your GOLD Show.

botafish: one more chance to see if other guys besides dickey throw down

It was a success this time around. Finally got the PartyChat going and Botafish and co (myself included) enjoyed it.  


What part of “I’m not a slut” don’t you understand, buddy?

dickdanger2003: i know I have fucked you

dickdanger2003: yep that  pussy was amazing

When confronted, the tail starts to go between the legs.

dickdanger2003: just having fun

I love it that members can all see each other’s typing. It gets tiresome to have to constantly defend myself. I should have grabbed some popcorn for this.

YoungAtHeart59: Amanda is a nice woman

cholo123: not cool

dickdanger2003: no way

cholo123: so peopel are idiots

slick44: you not a whore just a cuttie

YoungAtHeart59: He only wishes


This guy, for some reason, decides he wants to pretend to be french. His words are backwards even for french! This is what you’d get if you used an online translator.

floflo: montre tes sein pour voir si il sont beaau
quoi en francais

Basically, what he wrote was “if your breasts are beautiful, show them for everyone to see.”. It’s supposed to be “belles” for feminin and “beaux” for masculine. Too many mistakes here. His next phrase is backwards. It is “parle francais”.

After I told him twice, I will not speak french with him, leaving the other 18 or so members in the room who don’t speak french, scratching their heads or worse – leaving, he demanded I do. Not nicely either.

floflo: francais parle


And somewhere in a little chat screen that sits below the guest chat, where one does not even need a membership to the site to view or participate in, some shit is spewed. I am officially naming this chat the “dumbass dungeon”.

stuffman: maybe show ur tits
ugly anyway

~~~ Drumroll Please ~~~