Are There Less Typos in Normal Chatrooms?

I had to laugh when I read this: “your boyfriend is one lucky bastage”.  Heh! Either that’s some alternative to the word “bastard” or a typo. In today’s world without rules, it can be either one. Who really knows? I’ll go with a typo, just because I’m old school.

Someone, with balls the size of buildings, came in and typed: “ok go ahead and take it all off bb”. I wouldn’t have had a problem with this, except  the magic phrase: “here’s some Gold” didn’t follow. I snapped back with a few analogies and I think he got the point.

Then, at least once a night, the stupid question gets asked: “have you had sex with any of the canadien playrs?”. First of all, it’s “Canadiens” players, unless you mean a player from a Canadian team, in which case, you’d spell it “Canadian” (not “canadien”) and there’s an “e” in “players”. No, I don’t travel across Canada to have sex with hockey players not do I have sex with any locally. I often like to retort with a question myself: “Do you have sex with hockey players?” and wait for their response. Usually it’s: “No, I’m not gay.” or something close to that. To which my reply would be: “Then answer me this: why, just because I happen to have tits and a hole, does my interest in hockey have to be completely sexual or driven by anything other than a love of the sport?”. Usually shuts them up pretty good. If it doesn’t, I just talk hockey circles around them. Silly boys, you’re talking to a Canadian!

Someone else joins the conversation: “I am a Canucks fan and I  am very worried about that!!”. What’s to be  worried about, being a fan of a team who won the President’s Trophy and made the Stanley Cup Finals in the same year? That they haven’t also discovered the cure for cancer? I got the feeling he had been in my room before though. He wrote: “So are you giving a haockey lesson to our friends across teh border? LOL”. Two spelling errors and one minor grammatical oversight. I just smiled and replied: “Yes, of course I am. It keeps me entertained while I wait for guys to hit the private button.”. As hockey conversation ensued, larger grew my need to get the guys into private. I actually have learned to stop the conversation to pause for a “boobs for Gold” break or a commercial time-out, for private sessions. It isn’t as though I didn’t try, quite frequently I might add. It just isn’t in the cards some nights. Other nights, it’s all fine and dandy. Overall, one of the worst nights on record. At least I enjoyed some good conversations though. Unfortunately, good conversations don’t pay the bills.