iFriends & Streamate = Webcam-Mate

According to the Whois records, it appears that FCI (owners of Streamate) are the proud owners of another little site called Webcam-Mate.com, whose site is hosted on their competitor’s servers. Webpower (owners of iFriends, Clickcash). Have a look at the Whois record and see for yourself. http://whois.domaintools.com/webcam-mate.com

Below are screenshots of what I’m seeing in the Whois records. The first contains an image of the main page of Webcam-Mate.com with the iFriends V2 welcome page. That blond girl you see over on the left side of that page is me, taken sometime in 2009, before I left their site. Why would they, after 3 years and a nasty revenue dispute later, still choose to use my image to this day, to promote websites that they own? This site was only created long after that, in september 2011. As seen on Webcam-Mate.com …


Below is a screenshot, from the Whois records again, showing FCI owning Webcam-Mate.com


Next up, another screenshot, this time showing the contact for FCI (admin & technical), who happens to be in Florida.


It’s registered through GoDaddy …


Lastly, on Webpower’s servers.

What the hell is going on here? Have the two sites gone into business together? There is clearly a collaboration here, but why? How?

If Webpower Inc is involved with Streamate, how long has this been happening? Is one failing site leading another? All I’ve seen lately is dying traffic. Now, new sites popping up (this one among them), with our content on them. You must sign up to become a member, so I didn’t bother going that far but I’m sure many Streamate and iFriends members have. Or perhaps this isn’t for their (or our) eyes at all. Oopsies? Well, I’d sure like an explanation for this and furthermore, why my content is still being displayed on the Webpower-owned sites.

The funny thing is, many things happening on Streamate lately closely resemble what I saw occurring on the iFriends platform near the end, and coincidentally, the harassment toward me was taken up several notches higher than usual. Something really stinks about this whole thing. I’m sure many camgirls reading this would love to hear either Streamate (FCI) or iFriends (Webpower)’s explanation of this. I know I sure would.