Canadian, eh?

If the first line of text is any indicator of the flow of my shift, this was to be a good one. “How are you eh?” popped into my chat and I had to smile, with thoughts of Canadian mounties on horses, beavers, igloos and Husky-drawn sleds, moose and all those other Canadian staples, dancing around in my head. Then, the consolation prize guy: “hey bb montreals done but we can still root for vancover bb”. Gosh yes, my team’s out but there’s still a Canadian team going strong. If you’re any kind of true fan, you don’t jump on the bandwagon of another team just because yours is out of the playoffs. I’m not going to root for Vancouver just because they are Canadian. A Canadian team in the finals is special, no doubt about that. It’s been 4 years since one went that far. No sir, I’m not rooting for the Canucks because they are Canadian. Hell I’m rooting for them because I couldn’t stand to see Boston take the Cup! In my opinion, that team doesn’t deserve it. They have already come too far and their luck, this season, has been gargantuan. Two game-7 wins to claim the series and scoring less goals overall than their opponent, paints a clear vision of what kind of luck had to be involved for them to come out ahead. During the course of this conversation, some others chimed in with their thoughts and opinions, which I always like to welcome to the topic. One guy wrote: “as long as its in canada”. My patriotism is in the right place, but let’s not go overboard here. Approximately 52.8% of all players in the NHL are Canadian anyway, so if patriotism mattered, I’d be pretty safe choosing any team. Then, in walked the life of the party, with a completely new way of saying “eh?”: “hello aye! how ya dooin’?!”. Another “aye aye captain” guy! I found myself having to explain the “eh?” rule to yet another unsuspecting victim. I suspected this to be someone from Europe but later came to realize it was just another Bruins fan, when he wrote: “Either way, as long as they beat those cheap bastard nucks!
bastards…;-)”.  He seemed to be enjoying the free peeks he was getting, at the expense of other members (who use the service for its intended purpose).


A slow night. Traffic had picked up, since the last shift, but only slightly. Certainly nothing to write home about. Revs slightly up from last time but not quite at their norm yet either.