A New Career Choice?

After this comment in my chatroom, just as I was beginning my shift last night, I’ve decided to consider a new career. I could have sworn I heard angelic bells ringing and glitter filled the air! Ahh, that moment of enlightenment.

Vipr: u escort? $1000 an hour..
u escort? ill pay $1000 an hour?

I love the term ‘escort’, as though I were to be some sort of chauffeur or drag the guy along on a leash from a restaurant to a movie theater. In any case, I’m not anything but a camgirl. I work solo in front of a video cam. The user (or better known as ‘customer’) is in some other city, in some other country, enjoying the visuals I present to him in this videoconference type of setting. My rate varies, depending on the service the customer chooses. The price ranges from $1.00 for 10 minutes, to $4.99/min for private or $5.99/min for exclusive, on a meter-like billing system. It all depends on my mood and what I feel like charging at that particular moment/what I feel like the show would be worth/what I think would adhere to the market. That’s what I do. I am a camgirl. When I turn my cam off, I go cuddle up with my boyfriend or bake some delicious fresh cookies or macaroons and watch Family Guy. Like millions of other girls who have been naked before a camcorder, I turn it off and do (gasp!) girl-next-door stuff. Don’t be too shocked.


Mood today: sarcastic. I’m not really thinking of a career change, though I’m sure this blog title got the attention of one particular group of people. Sorry guys, try, try again (as I’m sure you will). It hasn’t worked in all these years.