Hat Trick Night

A Hat Trick Night in the camming world doesn’t really exist, so I’m going to create it. Right here. Right now.

It will consist of the following:

  • An insult
  • A proposition
  • A veiled threat


An insult:

Typical. Happens nightly in my room. Unprovoked. Same person. Same mentality. Consistent harassment. Monotonous. Stupid. Boring.


ideekay92: what up ho

ideekay92 has been blocked

And that’s just the greeting? This relationship is just not gonna last. I can see it now.


A proposition:

calijon: i willl send you $5,000 to move to california

Sweet, but I’ve never taken anyone up on those type of offers before. They usually come as some sort of exchange of sex for money, which, besides being illegal, is something I have never done before and have no intention of starting to do now. So no thanks!


A veiled threat:

ajayg82: would love to bang your mouth and plug your nose til I jizz – then take you out to a romantic dinner

Nothing I’d rather do than be suffocated in a violent sexual manner and then ‘taken our to a “romantic dinner”.  That was the first and only comment this person posted to my chatroopm,. with no provocation otherwise. In fact, the conversation was about hockey. Usually, someone with a mind like this and a true intention to start a conversation of this nature would ease into it, not come right out with a sicko comment in a chatroom where he would be completely ignored, as was the case here. The only time this type of veiled threat occurred was when my harasser was around. The insult above came minutes before this comment was made. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist …



This is not a typical day in the life of a camgirl, for anyone wondering. Incidents similar to these have been reported to Streamate support in the past (many times) but continue to occur, regardless of this apparently being against their own rules, according to their very own Terms Of Service.