Time Management; A Random Thought

I’m often invited to play Facebook games and decline because I find them to be a waste of  time. I think we waste enough time in our lives just dealing with idiots. The way I look at it now; it is senseless to play games that don’t, in any justifiable way, improve my life. I would much rather spend that time outside with my dog throwing the ball around or having sex with my boyfriend or watching a movie with him or hopping into my in-line skates and getting some really good exercise. No one knows how much time we all have on this earth before it decides to destroy us all. We’ve destroyed it, after all. Do enough people care? Hell no. So, here we are. I think we need to make the most of life. In a few questionably ‘sane’ moments, I tried to imagine myself in 40 years. Whatever hell we’ve made for ourselves by then; hopefully memory loss will kick in strong by then. When I look back at my life, I can onyl hope to answer “so, let’s see, what have I spend my time doing?” with “I spent my time productively and surrounded by loved ones”, When I see people so connected to their devices that they can’t look up, can’t get any work done, can’t even cross a street without looking away, can’t eat or sleep uninterrupted by that device, I’m saddened to think of how these ‘addicts’ will look back on their lives. Will they end up with regrets, having spent too much time ‘connected’ rather than with their kids/pets/loved ones/friends or furthering their education, soul searching, living, loving, using their brains? What are they missing? EVERYTHING.