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    Camgirl 411 

    I created a group and am adding girls from the industry. We’ll be posting news, information, tips, tricks, and having interesting camming-related conversations. It’s brand spanking new right now, but don’t worry, it’ll grow. Would love to have you join. Sorry guys, this is for camgirls only!

    Camgirl 411

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    I now list the links to all of my blog articles on the sidebar. Just scroll down a tad to see them.

    Reminder: If you wish to contact me, click the big gold Twitter button on the sidebar and you can DM me privately there once I agree to follow you back. Thanks for your co-operation and I hope you are enjoying my blog.

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    What Is A Camgirl? 

    Let’s get some things straight here:

    A camgirl doesn’t sell her body for money. She sells video footage of her body for money.

    A camgirl doesn’t meet with customers in a ‘sex for money’ exchange. That is a prostitute’s job.

    Lumping ourselves into the category of ‘sex workers’ isn’t much of a stretch because we do perform acts of a sexual nature for money.

    A camgirl is someone who performs sexual acts in an online environment on herself or others in exchange for money. A camgirl may work solo or with one or more partners.

    To address some common questions about being a camgirl:

    What do camgirls earn?

    Our earnings vary. There is no standard, as there exist too many variables. Like any business venture, what one puts into it generally determines what they will get out of it.

    Does a camgirl’s family and significant other know what they do?

    For the most part, it’s hard to hide from our significant other or close family members when they ask. Relatives think I work on the internet doing webdesign.

    Do camgirls still enjoy sex in real life or does camming take up all their sexual energy?

    It can, at times, slow us down a tad but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

    Do camgirls ever meet their clients?

    Typically, no but it has been known to happen. Some people treat it like they would a chatroom or dating site, taking only minimal precautions. Personally, I would caution anyone considering it to take a good look at the dangers involved due to the stigma and general attitudes toward the sex trade, which have changed very little over the years.

    Why is the per minute rate so high?

    When I started camming, I was earning 50%. Then, over the next few years, I started to notice other sites were paying their girls only 35%. Shortly after, the site I was on decided to stop absorbing chargebacks and refunds. The performers then had a choice; a drop in commission to 35% with no chargebacks and refunds … or it remains at 50%, less chargebacks and refunds.

    But wait, there’s more!

    35% must have been too much to have to pay out to us, so the sites decided to hire a bunch of girls to ‘recruit’ performers. The girl would be paid a few thousand dollars a month to round up enough suckers who were willing to work for commissions far less than 35%. It proved a success. The sites managed to take a higher commission from the performers. See how the commission rate continues to decline? The girls that were earning 35% before, were bumped down in the listings and gaining less exposure (therefore, less traffic to their rooms) in favor of the girls giving the sites that substantially larger cut. Thankfully, the sites did still allow the 35%ers to get in on the big stiff, signing up through one of those hired recruiters,becoming a recruitee and earning a whopping 3 to 17 % percent less!

    It is the camgirl who chooses her own rate from a drop-down menu with choices such as $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99 and $5.99. The amount she chooses to charge is not always based on the size of her ego. Let’s first get that straight. It’s often based on paying herself for compensatory damages due to the site’s greed.

    Why is the per minute rate so high, you ask?

    A camgirl is one tough chick, with a tough job, in a tough industry, so the next time you visit your favorite camgirl, remember this and show her your appreciation. Please keep in mind: The sites take a huge chunk of her commission (even with tips), so tip her privately to her Payoneer account or with a gift card.




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    No shortage of wardrobe malfunctions in these videos! http://amanda36c.com/join.html

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    Be A CamGirl Clubs Silent Partner 

    Recent attacks on CamGirl Clubs (espcially in my thread, on Stripperweb forum https://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=192445 ) have only confirmed the fact that one particular group of webpimps in this industry does not want performers using Skype independently. The simple reason is this group of scumbag thieves have no authority over us there nor direct access to our content (videos). They need our content to steal, sell and trade. Without it, they have nothing. Nowhere else is there as much truth to the phrase “Content Is king” as in the adult entertainment industry.

    What I was hoping to accomplish by posting that thread promoting Cam Girl Clubs, was to help the real camgirls of the industry achieve true independence from the sites that steal content and the recruiters that help them to do so. I know that Stripperweb forum is infested with webpimps posing as camgirls, thinking they’re fooling the real camgirls and then using those fakes to brainwash everyone (in a p/r sort of way). I am also aware that real camgirls read those forums, from a safe distance. I have had a tremendous amount of hits to my site from that one post alone, and camgirls signing up under my new Silent Partner Program.

    How the attacks transpired was very interesting. They started with numerous questions in response to my post. I answered thoroughly, addressing every single question posed, yet rather than satisfy them, this appeared to have enraged them to scrutinize and twist every word I wrote, in the most negative manner possible. When that didn’t work, they resorted to posting desperate slanderous attacks and outright lies.

    In all fairness to the performers hesitant to join us for fear that their involvement will make them susseptible to attacks, harassment, mainpulation of traffic, etc. I have decided to include a ‘silent partner’ program to protect the performers while still allowing them to benefit from being independent. Those attacks were entirely unwarranted. Looking at my blog, or tweets or posts on Facebook, I never attack camgirls. Only one because she attacked me and was involved in harassing me. She also, through her ex boyfriend, tried to attain my trademark (Amanda36c). Yes, I do have a problem with people behave this way towards me and I will definitely plaster your name all over the internet if you try to sabotage my business like that. That is all proven and it is all out there for public consumption anyway. Should I have an axe to grind against someone trying to steal my trademark after I have been doing business under that name for 17 years? Fucking right I do. Besides that one person, who have I always stood up for and who have I always stood up against? That’s the important question I think camgirls should be asking themselves.

    To join CamGirl Clubs as a ‘silent partner’, simply leave me a message here or in a dm on Twitter, or by e-mail to amanda36c@gmail.com Please note that this means no promotion on the site, no advertising, no way for any of the sites, recruiters or otherwise ‘paid p/r people’ to find you. No CamGirl Clubs members will find you either though. You would send customers directly to your signup page when they ask for a Skype show but the likelihood of external traffic would be slim to none. Contact me if you are interested in this option. Once you set up your own Skype account (if you don’t already have one), we will attach your pricing links to a hidden page for only you and your members to access.

    The sites/pimps never have to know and that way, they can’t play games with you or your traffic. If, at any point, you should decide that CamGirl Clubs is generating a good enough revenue stream, you may change your mind about being promoted, and I would be more than happy to oblige.

    At CamGirl Clubs, we are working diligently to find solutions for camgirls to become truly independent and build a solid business foundation for themselves, complete with their own customer base and   100% control of their content.

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    Misconception: A CamGirl Overbilled You 

    On a sex site, when an overbilling occurs and the member happens to complain to what is commonly known as ‘customer service’, he is often told billing is the performer’s responsibility. That is a flat out lie. The performer has no authority to tell the big site’s billing department to overcharge any customer at any time. We do not even have access to the members’ personal information and such a narrow view into even our own statistics, including reserve accounts, it’s a joke to think we would ever be given this kind of authority.

    Even in the case of an independent performer with her own website, she still must go through a payment processor to receive payments from customers and she is not in control of the amount billed to the customer. She sets her prices with the payment processor, displays them on her site and the customer is only billed that amount. From personal experience, I have never seen an overbilling from my payment processor, Zombaio, on my customers, but have seen, first hand, and heard through customers of mine, that there are select big sites that do it all the time.

    On my own website, for example, where I perform Skype shows for a fee, there is a button, which the customer clicks, with payment options to make his purchase. I receive an e-mail stating that a purchase was made. I can enter my account on Zombaio, to view the customer’s information (all except for his credit card number and expiry date).

    The only way that a performer can be responsible for billing errors is if she actually owns the payment processing company that does the billing or owns the faulty program that creates the ‘error’.

    Don’t fall for it when they try to pass the blame onto the girl. The billing company should be listed on the site somewhere or in their TOS.


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    Heads-Up, CamGirls 

    Camgirls, if you offer Skype shows, do NOT take payment from Paypal, Amazon (or other) gift cards, Western Union, etc. You MUST age verify. I’m sure you’re all aware by now that there are games being played with us in this industry by the sites. Who else stands to gain from us not being able to offer Skype shows? The following are some examples (and things to watch out for):

    Accepting Amazon gift cards in exchange for sex shows on Skype. A gift card is no proof of age. This can get you into heaps of trouble, camgirls. DON’T do it.

    Accepting PayPal in exchange for sex shows on Skype. PayPal will close your account if you’re found to be doing this. They do not work with our industry.

    Accepting Western Union as payment. Again, no proof of age here.

    Use a payment processor that has security measures in place to protect you and ensure your customers are all of legal age.

    Happy Skyping!


    Camgirls, thinking of offering Skype to your customers but not sure how to do it? I can help. Payment processing also available, with secure systems in place to ensure your customers are all of legal age and no games are played by the you-know-whos of this industry (they just can’t stand to see us all going independent, can they?)! http://camgirlclubsinfo.wordpress.com/cgc-skype/

    Be vigilant, girls and play safe!

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    Us Versus Your Wife/Girlfriend 

    Us Versus Your Wife/Girlfriend – A Camgirl’s Top 10 List

    10) You can’t get it up? That’s OK. Keep trying.

    9) No commitment.

    8) We don’t wait for your call.

    7) We won’t trick you into getting us pregnant.

    6) We will always laugh at your jokes, in private sessions.

    5) We don’t care if you leave the toilet seat up.

    4) When we’re PMSsing, you can go see other girls.

    3) We don’t get mad when you forget the day we first met.

    2) We genuinely like you.

    and the number one reason we’re better than your wife or girlfriend …

    1) Every time we see you, we want sex!

    This Top 10 list has been brought to you by http://amanda36c.com Join today and support an independent camgirl.

    Warning: Viewer Erection Is Advised

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    Webpower Inc/iFriends Renews amanda36c.net 

    Despite having left their site (over an ugly financial dispute) back in december of 2009, Webpower Inc (often seen under other aliases such as WP Inc, WP Associates, etc.), the company that owns iFriends, has to be continuing to profit from the sale of my content, to this day. Once again, they have chosen to renew amanda36c.net So, if not for profit, then for what other purpose? If you hurry (before they change it), look at the Whois records for yourself. http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.net Click the tabs Site Profile, Registration & Server Stats to see where I grabbed the screenshots from.


    The 1st screenshot shows amanda36c.net,  WP Inc. owning it.



    The 2nd screenshot shows it was updated (or a change was made) on december 17th, 2012, along with the expiry date (2014). It shows amanda36c.net was created in 2008 but it was, in fact, renewed last year and again, this year. What you’re seeing is just the latest update. The name server is RMTinfo.net (Responsible Media Technologies), which is a company that happens to be owned by Webpower’s owner (Hadhazy), along with his accountant (Albers) and lawyer (Kayton); a cozy threesome. Do all big porn site owners partner up with their accountants and lawyers in porn ventures outside the big site itself?


    The 3rd screenshot shows amanda36c.net residing on Webpower’s servers.

    Despite being told by a customer, after I had left their site, that my fan club was “gutted”, content from that club, as well as fresh new content I have produced on Streamate, continue to float around the internet on other sites. The fact that my content is still showing up on porn sites all over the internet and coupled with the fact that amanda36c.net must continue to generate revenue for Webpower Inc., (or else why keep renewing it, year after year?) tells me I’m owed a LOT of money by these thieves. Three years later and I still have not seen a penny from the sale of my content.

    Let this be a huge wake-up call for anyone else who is suspicious that their content may be earning profits for Webpower Inc, as well, years after they have left the site, or were successfully bullied offline, or has had to endure much the same type of harassment I have, on a daily basis, with constant insults, threats, poking, being degrading, condescending, pushing the ‘you’re now too old for this business’ buttons, ‘you’re too fat’, comparing you to young skinny girls in the industry (thinking that will push you to lose confidence (a brainwashing attempt), constantly comparing you to the competition and insisting you just don’t measure up, as well as playing all sorts of games, doing anything and everything to run you offline. This is obviously the same person over and over again with the same games, the same insults, on a ferris wheel, going round and round, redundant in their stupidity. Some visits to my website show this person has actually used an ip-hiding (or changing) program that they paid for, for the sole purpose of harassing (me and possibly others, as well). They often use gadgets on wi-fi connections to access my online locations (amanda36c.com, camgirlclubs.com) as well as also made visits to my videos on Tumblr, which are in a password-protected area where only members who have entered my Gold shows on Streamate would have access to. This said, why would someone who has such a hate-on for me want to pay (albeit, not a lot) for a Gold show, along with access to my videos? Content? For sale on another site? Otherwise, why go through all the trouble of paying to hide your ip and paying for videos unless you know you’re going to make that money back? Why renew amanda36c.net unless there’s money to be made from it?

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    February 3rd – XXX-tortion Day? 

    As February 3rd 2012 quietly approaches, all dot XXX domains held in escrow accounts (ie: amanda36c.xxx) will go up for sale and according to the Whois records, http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.xxx , there will be more than 2,400 performers affected. No word yet on what’s going to happen with these domains. I wonder. Will they all just be snagged up by Webpower Inc or will it be ICM Registry themselves to grab them? Will it be Webpower’s lawyers again or will it be their accountants this time? Will the domains go up for sale or auction? Will performers be given information at the very last second, with little to no time to respond? In much the same manner as they sprung upon us the performer’s program itself; a quick change of plans to protect against backlash in the budding stages of their massive XXX venture from several thousands of what they (arguably) call “supporters”? I guess the real surprise will come just as the auction takes place, no doubt in some quiet corner of the dot XXX world.

    ICM Registry has shown nothing but shadiness. Was it not evident when I provided, in a past blog entry (https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/icm-registrywebpower-inc) , proof that ICM’s very own lawyer squatted on domains? This is the same lawyer who was attached to both ICM Registry, as well as Webpower Inc, a company whose 400+ complaints (on this one website alone), Ripoffreport.com of various forms of fraudulent behavior have completely went overlooked by the people supposedly in charge of overseeing this whole dot XXX venture. The people on the board of the IFFOR (the organization that makes the policies for dot XXX) are also involved with the same companies. In fact, one of Webpower’s other lawyers sat on that board when dot XXX was first introduced. Let’s see – how many millions/billions do they expect to earn from this? What’s its true potential? Well, first let’s try and determine how many idiots exist in this world, willing to dish out money to ‘defend’ their name from the big bad porn pimps of the internet, who can so easily just come along and buy up any name available in dot XXX. What shocks me most is the only one willing to take them to task is Manwin, the adult industry giant, with their anti-trust and monopolization suit. Why has noone else taken them to task? The complacency and passivity in today’s society is sickening. They are making good and sure to control everything, knowing full well that noone will do anything to stop them.

    All I can say is february 3rd should be an interesting day, if you’re a performer in this industry. I have the distinct feeling that we will be hearing very little from ICM about what’s to happen, what course of action will be taken on these domains. How soon before (stolen) content is put up on those sites, after they are grabbed (by whoever the highest bidder happens to be)? I wouldn’t trust them with my site, nor would I trust them to my information.

    The expiry date on those domains is less than 2 months away. Watch how this plays out.

    • nicholas 6:23 pm on December 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      This is crazy, how can this be legal ?? Are you saying, your own domains are up for sale on February 3rd 2013 and you can’t do any thing about it? Someone suggested to you once or may be more than once, that you should become a Senate. That’s where the real power is … Consider it Amanda. From what I’ve read from your blogs and understood, it sound like a good idea.


      • amanda36c 5:57 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        It appears so, Nicholas. I’m wondering exactly when they’re going to announce what they plan to do with these domains or how we can purchase them. Perhaps it would be best to just watch someone else buy it and when my content appears on it, perform that DMCA takedown and sue their asses at the same time. I can’t fathom how anyone could want to deal with these people, knowing full well who they are, what they represent and the frauds they have been accused of by 400+ members of their website, in the Ripoffreports.com website alone. Senate? It’ll never happen in this industry. That would mean we’d need law enforcement to step in and from what I can see, they would rather keep their shoes clean and just let the inmates run the asylum. There is no way to bring in any sort of governance otherwise. Basically, we’re screwed. Even if I did have the power, not enough people would be willing to back me. They say they do, but only if they can remain anonymous and that just doesn’t work.


    • Joy. 12:56 pm on December 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Amanda, once again I’m here to be your spirited debate opponent. =)

      As always, a very well written article.
      And as always, I’m not all that concerned because in life I go with the flow. Don’t sweat the small stuff …and it’s all small stuff. I’ve worked for big companies, and been self employed, and there’s always something or someone we can be upset with/about.

      There’s way too much other stuff I’m dealing with to move underhanded .xxx dealings off the bottom of my worry list. LOL Yet that said……….

      To me it looks as though the huge financial boom they were expecting from .xxx domains is a bust. Or maybe I’m just not paying all that much attention (‘cuz I’m not =)

      Have any amazing .xxx sites shown up? Not that I’m aware of. Do people searching for specific porn care if the site name ends in .xxx or .net or .com or .org (my personal fave, for orgasm or organ, but no one else seems to thinks .org* is fun like I do =)

      The .xxx is a hefty $99 USD, so who is going to pay that in order to make a measly pittance on affiliate marketing of camgirls or even B-level (and below) pornstars? I think the entire thing is a bust for them.

      If I were in the business of building sites to promote affiliate links, or selling knock off vids or photos of a particularly hot camgirl or porn star, I’d simply buy her name using a GoDaddy $5 .biz or $7 .org-asm, etc. and set up shop directing traffic to one of those cheap and cheerful parody sites. I wouldn’t spend $100 on .xxx Hey, but that’s just me, I’m tight with a buck and very resourceful, so I’d never pay ridonkulous prices for something that can be done just as well for a tenth of the cost. LOL Heck, I am Joy Lovewell and I wouldn’t pay $100 for my own .xxx name! ha ha ha ha ha

      When the price for a .xxx domain name falls in par with what other domains are going for, I think we’ll possibly have something to be concerned about protecting our names. Until then, no so much. But that’s my opinion. =)

      Oh, and I do agree with the everything you’ve uncovered about the shady dealings of WebPower and their ilk. Nasty business, and I hope they’re getting what they deserve. Nothing ($$$).

      I’m with Nicholas. Amanda you’d make a wonderful Senator. You’ll just need 9 years as a US citizen before you can through your bra in the ring (and it is a 3 ring circus down here, ha ha ha). Canada has a huge porn issue with child porn and illegal sex slave trade, so maybe you can get yourself elected in Canada to begin combating those monsters. Bonus: You already reside in the capital! Easy-peasy!

      Thanks for another interesting blog post.

      All the best and happy holidays,

      I realize .org is meant for organizations/forums/communities, but it’s use doesn’t seem to be policed.


      • amanda36c 4:20 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        That’s where we differ, Joy. What you consider “sweating the small stuff”, I see as a major contributor to the decline in traffic we’re seeing and something we should be taking an active stand against, before it gets worse. There is a lot we could have done to prevent getting screwed over in the past but instead, we chose to brush it off. We didn’t think it was a big enough deal. Regret not doing anything now, after seeing how badly our revenues are declining, despite the fact that our content appears to be growing in popularity all over the internet? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on there.

        Contrary to your belief that this decline in traffic/revenue is something only I am seeing (you’ve made your position quite clear in past comments related to that topic), other (independent) girls I have spoken with are seeing the same drop. One round of visits to their rooms tells me it is a widespread concern. Go ahead and take a look at all the non-studio/agency girls and you’ll see for yourself. I don’t think it’s fair to mention names here but you know who they are. They won’t often be spotted in or above the first 4 rows on Streamate at any given time.

        All internet stats display a steady decline in traffic across the board, among the big sites. As if the growing rate of our competition, along with a very unstable economy, aren’t bad enough. These new smaller sites popping up all over the place (owned by the big ones under privacy protect services) with our stolen content on them, are putting an even larger dent in our revenue stream and our problem is, we’re too damn complacent to do anything about it. What we should be doing is looking at all that’s affecting our bottomline and acting on it, but we don’t. These sites know it all too well, and in their arrogance, there isn’t a hint of fear that one of us could be a loose cannon. They’ve gotten away with a lot, so far and will continue to get away with more, if we don’t act. I guess what it boils down to is … how do you like the way you’re being treated? Next step is .. what do you plan to do about it? I know when something is wrong. If it’s worth it to me to pursue, I need not seek approval from anyone. I’m a stubborn Leo, after all.

        You already are aware that ICM Registry, in possession of all our .XXX domains, and every underhanded game they’ve played in the past with us, is hardly the patron saints of the industry and you know that they can change their rules at the very last second, tossing performers into an ‘escrow account’ in order to maintain more control over us, rather than allowing us to purchase our own .XXX sites under our performer handles. I was, after all, blocked from buying it under the Sunrise A program and forced into this make-shift Performers Program, which was nothing more than a last-minute scramble to stop me dead in my tracks from trying to obtain amanda36c.xxx. I had absolutely no choice in the matter. They outright refused to allow me to purchase that domain! Lest we forget about their lawyer, who squatted on domains. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2012/01/30 You claim to know all this yet you trust this company to your information, by taking a deal with them for a one-year free service? I’m curious. Come february 3rd, are you going to purchase your .xxx from them? You have no concerns over them stealing your content? Their agreement, if challenged in court, would never hold up. They can’t sell your content without some sort of arrangement to pay you either a one-time sum or a royalty. Or perhaps you just don’t care. What about in 5 years time, when your revenues are down to 1/4 of what they are today? Still going to sit there in that complacent state of mind, while they continue to thrive off the revenues from all their collective fly-by-night websites earning revenue galore from the sale of our stolen content? It’s clear what they have done to this industry. I have seen this first-hand and the websites with our stolen content are in the millions. You can’t say this is trivial or has no effect on our revenues.

        Indeed, we do see things quite differently.

        Until you’re willing to investigate them yourself, to gain perspective or any sort of knowledge as to the magnitude of impact this will have on us, a few years down the road, why brush off what I have to say as irrelevant or insignificant? I fail to see how you think ICM/Webpower Inc is not a threat to our industry with their .XXX venture, based on the simple fact that hey haven’t had the kind of success they anticipated. That doesn’t mean their hands are tied where our content is concerned. To write them off would be a huge mistake. Remember, they have been trying to get this thing off the ground since 2000. Their applications kept getting rejected by ICANN, until early 2011. ICM Registry are not going anywhere. They have big money behind them and can sit on that as long as need be. I wish you had actually taken the time to investigate what I have to know what that connection between them and Webpower really means to the industry and the future of camming. You would be a lot more concerned about this. IFriends sunk like the Titanic yet there they are, still on life support, still somehow afloat. Surely, they’re trying to model themselves after the successful tube sites that Manwin has created, only in millions of little sites, rather than a few really large ones. This way, they can hide it all, move everything offshore, ‘spread the wealth’ so to speak.

        I don’t know how much or often you actually cam or if you’ve noticed, through any sort of consistent patterns that the more sites pop up with our content on them, the more declines in traffic we’re seeing, subsequently. I watch this like a hawk.

        At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’m going to answer what I’m sure many people reading this, might be asking: “why, if they’re frauding all these people, do they continue to get away with it?” – Look at society for a minute. By and large, people don’t stand up for themselves. They would rather turn a blind eye to frauds, scams, than to be the one scrutinized and called a “conspiracy theorist” (especially attached to the filthy adult industry) with a target on their back, for taking this information public. The scammers know what they can and can’t get away with. This industry is the perfect playground for them because there is noone governing it and we allow this by doing nothing to stop it.

        Oh gosh, I can ramble sometimes. It is a topic I get get overly passionate (and upset) about. Just bump me like a record and I’ll stop. Heh!

        Happy Holidays to you, too, Joy.

        P.S. I’m not in the capital, that would be Ottawa. I’m in Montreal. Close though, it’s a good 2 hour drive from the city.


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