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  • amanda36c 12:43 pm on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Sex For Money 

    Sex for money doesn’t exist only in the porn industry. It’s everywhere. People marry for money, offering sex in return. Some offer sex in exchange for job promotions, business deals. Sex is all over television and in every broadcast imaginable, including ads. Especially ads. There is sex  in movies, music, sports, all over social media. With sex commercialized in promotional and marketing efforts everywhere we turn, how can anyone scrutinize the porn industry for using the same tactic everyone else on the planet does to sell its products and services? If anything, there’s more legitimacy to it in porn. In fact, I will even go as far as to say they are the only ones giving you exactly what they advertise.

    Thought for the day.

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    Camgirl Advice 

    I’m one in a very small list of women who could take a long look back at the camming industry over the last 19 years and write its life story. As one of the original camgirls, I guess you could say I made a career out of being objectified. In a way, I felt like I had brought it on myself. My choices were either learn to accept it or defend myself every time I came across someone who felt the need to try to belittle me. The mannerisms, behaviour, poses, strut, flirtations, right down to the lingo I used online differed almost completely from who I was in real life. I am slightly reserved and dress casual, sometimes conservative. If I wore a cleavage-bearing top, they were paired with pants or sweatpants, never a mini skirt. I never dressed to impress anyone but myself. A sharp contrast to the stripper I was online, who wore things like stilettoes, Daisy Dukes and other items I wouldn’t dare wear outside, if even just to run to the car. What I did on the internet, stayed on the internet. It was in front of my video camera and in the privacy of my own home. The controlling pimps in my industry, with as much class as subway rats, take objectification to a whole other level. They also steal from the girls, mentally abuse them, harrass them and treat them as though they should be lucky to have a job, rather than being thankful that these women are even willing to line their pockets week after week, despite the peanuts the girls actually get to keep for themselves.

    What I want to stress is that women (especially in this industry) need to empower themselves, not sit back and allow themselves to be belittled. When something doesn’t seem right, speak out. There is too much silence and complacency, which has done nothing but fuel the greed of those in powerful positions, to the point where camgirls are becoming obsolete. I believe by now, we all know what CamDecoy is. It’s just one in many programs they use and ways they have learned to cut us out of our own share of the profits from sales of our content.

    The best advice I can give any camgirl in the industry is … work toward becoming truly independent. Trust no one in the industry. Remember that there is always someone earning more money from your content than you are. Shows, images, videos (recorded and live) are what they’re after. If your show is not direct on Skype (meaning you sign into your own account and not through a website first, then to Skype), then there is a middleman. If the customer is paying you through a third-party and not directly to your own account, there is a middleman. Every time there is a middleman, you’re at risk of losing content, customers, money, and everything you worked so hard for. If you ever find yourself making good money, invest it wisely and know that at any time, things can start to get strange. Amounts of money can disappear from your stats, customers will claim they can’t find you online anymore, your block zones don’t work, your revenues are declining rapidly, etc. Live in the ‘now’ and stash away your cash but at the same time, always be prepared with a back-up plan for employment.


    • KombuchaKing 10:23 am on August 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I recently discovered your blog, and as someone who visits cam sites somewhat regularly and who has interacted with many cam girls i find it very interesting. You’ve done a good job creating a lot of interesting content.


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    Adult Industry Payment Processors – All Scams? 

    I had finally grown tired of Zombaio’s late payments, constant excuses and unprofessionalism, so I closed my account with them and started to look for a new payment processor. I wrote several of the bigger known ones, inquiring about their service charges and fees.

    During e-mail conversations on the topic, I managed to get a few of them to tell me what their fees were. Some, however, were reluctant to divulge this information in an e-mail, suggesting phone or audio conversation instead.

    Zombaio took a good chunk of commission but nothing upfront. I asked around to see if any of the others could match this offer. Apparently, I was asking the impossible.

    It would make perfect logical sense to assume that adult industry clients, to any financial institution, would be considered ‘high risk’. Three major payment processors servicing the adult industry have, in no uncertain terms, pinpointed those fees coming down from Visa and MasterCard.

    Below are three examples, from three separate processors I have contacted: Verotel, NetBilling and OrbitalPay.






    According to these processors, both Visa and Mastercard, are charging ‘high risk’ fees that they must pass on to us. It is, after all, the price we must pay for doing business in this ‘high risk’ industry.

    Or is it?

    I was curious, so I e-mailed Visa myself …




    and here’s the interesting answer I received back …




    So in actuality, these ‘fees’ generously handed down to us by the payment processors, have nothing to do with us or being in the risky adult industry at all. From what I can see, it’s insurance to cover any future refunds of chargebacks from customers. Perhaps just a nice little chunk of change to keep under their pillow. Either way, it’s not going from their hands to Visa or MasterCard’s, it’s going from one hand to the other. Plain and simple. Another day, another adult industry scam. Oh shocker!




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    The Era Of Common Sense 


    Sadly, we live in a world where common-sense is obsolete. Seemingly intelligent adults constantly need to be told what to do (& what not to do) and we have become completely reliant on stupid little devices to live our lives. It never fails to amaze me how far we’ve come in our lifetime with advances in technology yet people can’t think anymore. They can’t perform the simple task of paying attention to their surroundings while crossing the street.  They are oblivious to everything going on around them. There was a young woman on a device in the metro in Montreal who wasn’t looking up and actually walked right in between two cars as the metro was leaving. Instead of addressing the problem (the inability to function with a device in hand), the question the media asked was “how can we provide better safety measures so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again?”Seriously? Maybe they all belong in a bubble so that nothing can touch them and they can continue to give the rest of us something to roll our eyes at every day. Devices are a convenience but we abuse it to the point of selfish stupidity when we drive while texting (how many accidents are caused by that?). I often imagine  a wonderful disaster that knocks out power to all satellites. Seriously, how many of us would even know what to do next? Unfortunately,  we’re not in that predicament. We have to find ways to make life easier for stupid people. What we could (and should) do is lock all signals in public places where any danger can be present. Hockey arenas are no exception. Just a few months ago, PK Subban’s puck flew into the crowd and hit a baby (6 months old, I believe). What a mother was doing bringing a newborn to a hockey game is beyond me. That young and that close to the ice, not smart. They could have chosen seats way higher up where those kind of incidents don’t happen. In any case, the baby appeared to be OK and PK was apologetic about it. Did the stand-up thing and made sure both mother and baby were good. When there’s a baby in your arms, you need to be focused on them, not watching out for flying pucks, so never put yourself in a position where that can happen. This is common frigging sense. Besides locking signals in public places, we also need to lock signals in moving vehicles.

    • Sincerely,  someone from the last era of common sense.
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    Praises For The CamGirl Promoter 

    Oh the selfless and tireless efforts this worker bee endures. He bends over backwards sending customers to the girls who struggle to earn a decent living. The camgirl’s happiness is the promoter’s one and only concern. The brightness of her smile makes his day. It brings to mind the image of a unicorn crossing a colorful stream under a brilliant rainbow, light steps from beautiful, glittering waterfalls. The CamGirl Promoter’s generous contribution to her prosperity and wealth is unyielding. His loyalty, commendable, with endless days and nights devoted to marketing her on thousands of social media accounts. Not to mention, the millions of websites dedicated to the camgirl’s success. It’s all for her. The only thing in this for the promoter is the sense of accomplishment and feeling of fulfillment in these selfless acts so that every camgirl becomes rich and happy. By golly, give the men a cigar (and a satin bathrobe, about twelve gold chains of various sizes and an oversized purple hat …)!


    • Clancy annesley 12:35 pm on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello. You have written excellent articles. I’m sorry how cam girls get taken advantage of by both promoters and the men seeing them. Keep smiling:)


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    A Camgirl’s View of the World 

    This article has nothing to do with camming, being a camgirl, the frauds in the industry or how I got screwed over. This article covers my views on the world in a nutshell. There is a little of my dark side in here but it isn’t morbid, just realistic.

    The more I look around at the  world today, the more I realize we are all living a big lie. In what way are we thriving as a society? I see a world that has crumbled. Not only have we lost our sense of morality, humanity, pride, justice, but we’ve lost our passion and any grip on reality we ever had. We have evolved, but only in the literal sense of the word, not progressively.

    We now live in a world where, to fit in, we must learn to walk away from negativity, criticism, even if it’s the truth. I fail to understand how refusing to accept criticism will ever allow us to improve ourselves.

    We choose to let everything go rather than stand up for ourselves and for others. Where’s the fight in us? Many forms of mental illness can occur as the result of bottling too much anger/hatred/fear/sadness up inside. But not to worry, there’s a pill for that. Right?

    The only action we take anymore to help others is hitting the record button on our Smart Phones, with the typical selfish motive, hoping the video goes viral on Youtube. Who is that helping?

    We search for quality products but continue to accept the only thing available; made-to-break, overpriced items.

    We claim to be environmentally conscious yet produce things in plastic that are bound for the recycle bins, crushed and used in a process actually that harms the environment. Things that used to be made of glass are now plastic and we’re ‘recycling’ more because they break all the time. If they really wanted to ‘help the environment’, the food industry would use glass containers that consumers would keep for mason jars, drinking glasses, etc. But, that would cost a lot of money to ship because of the weight. So? Charge a little bit more to cover that cost and advertise it as (peanut butter/drinking glass). Nutella used to do that. I have a small glass I still use to fill my lemonade every morning with that used to be a Nutella glass. It’s perfect. I’d buy it again because the small ones are still sold in glass containers, except now they’re too rounded on the bottom. Weird design.

    We say Hollywood only puts out re-makes and then we rush to go see them. We complain that there’s no good entertainment out there anymore yet we watch whatever is on instead of tuning out. There’s always more focus on the red carpet event than the awards ceremony itself.

    We, as consumers, we as viewers, we as the voices of our nations are to blame, not the media or the companies taking advantage of what we’re so easily willing to accept as the norm in society. As long as we sit there and do nothing:

    Product manufacturers will keep raising those prices and driving down quality.

    Hollywood will keep making those remakes. When was the last superhero invented?

    Pharmaceutical companies will keep popping out those pills that are designed to create customers, not cures.

    The FBI will keep chasing those bank robbers and ignoring reports of porn industry fraudsters stealing from millions of American citizens, even though all the proof is there and investigative work already done for them .

    Look at what society has become. Fearful of our own shadows. Afraid to rock the boat so we just accept everything thrown at us.

    There was a time (and I’m a product of the tail end of that generation) where people were educated to think outside the box. Creativity was key. As youngsters, we played with toys that forced us to use our brains and we spent a considerable amount of time playing sports outdoors. There was a lot of that face to face communication. We weren’t programmed, brainwashed by society. Well, not nearly as much as what I’m seeing today. We weren’t afraid of everything. We fought the good fight, rocked the boat and weren’t apologetic for it. We exercised our rights and used our passion to create change. There were generations of people with goals, passion and a desire to leave their mark in the world. Now, it’s just about chasing money because that is the only thing that allows for a truly better quality of life.

    Small businesses competed right alongside the giants and the franchises. You might even say they co-existed. In a consumer-controlled market, big companies had little control. Today, they have all the control. I’ll muster a guess that where we went wrong is in allowing it and golly just look how well they treat us. 😉

    In closing, I’ll leave you with some quotes I love. Einstein said “education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”, “the person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking” and “imagination is more important than knowledge”. So true. He also once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”. He was not wrong.

    This is what we allowed, so this is what we’re going to have to live with. Let’s just sit back and do what we do best – nothing.


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    A Response So Obvious 

    This is a follow-up to my previous blog article, where I exposed iFriends/Webpower Inc.’s employee Jaime Hamed for tampering in my account settings and transferring money from my account into someone else’s. Someone who just happens to live in her hometown of Pennsylvania, according to an online trace of that ssn number. Oh but I’m sure that’s just a really odd coincidence. Yeah, that’s it. Coincidence.

    In the days and weeks following my previous blog article, all this ensued …

    Someone reported me to Facebook for having a photo containing nudity. It was reviewed and deemed not in violation of that rule. Aww shucks. Eh?


    On December 12th, someone whose IP is out of West Palm Beach, Florida replied to my blog article with this comment, “still batt-shit crazy I see”.
    Assuming this person was referring to Jaime, I replied, “I agree. You must have known her a long time.”

    17 days later, I received a notice of Privacy Violation from WordPress.
    Someone had reported me for posting a screenshot of ‘personal information’

    On January 13th (about a month later), the same person replied again, this time under a proxied IP but using the same name. They wrote “I mean you. the time invested in this rambling nonsense and talking to yourself. You need srs meds.”

    So, let me get this right. I need meds after exposing a fraud by an internet
    porn company I worked for? Am I reading this correctly? Pretty arrogant if you ask me but oddly amusing.

    The comments are all here.

    10 days later, they decided to reply to a previous blog article of mine using a different name and e-mail address but under the exact same proxied IP.

    They didn’t reply to me specifically but this time to a comment left by another user. Under the assumption this user was me, they wrote “Too bad you are amanda. still the same since the studio days.”. It wasn’t me. This really was someone else who wrote that. The outright accusation showed me just how paranoid this person was though.

    They certainly are relentless and yes, let’s discuss ‘investment of time’, and who’s spending all their time reading my little blog. While I’m flattered someone devotes all their energy and time to little me, hanging on my every word, I don’t believe they are anything more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Truth be told, they are only there to perform damage control, not what they portray themselves as. No one person can be that adamant about defending every little thing I write online about a porn company that defrauds people.

    Another of their personas online goes by the handle Artlessly Creative and is
    an even greater defender of iFriends/Webpower Inc.. Isn’t it interesting how much time this person has to devote to little me with my little blog? So yes, please, let’s discuss ‘investment of time’.

    Never a nice thing to say. Or productive. Or intelligent. Or useful. Just defensive. Often insulting.

    It’s pretty clear this is a company whose employees perform more damage control than any other business function. The true markings a master fraudster is behind this.

    • Non 11:02 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for exposing who tampered with your account. Now I have an idea of who opened up a paypal account that linked to my bank account! Only ifriends had my direct deposit information. Twice she did that to me. Karma is a bitch J girl!!! Thank you for helping me out Amanda, if anything you gave me clarity!!!!


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    How The Porn Industry Banks (Part 3) 

    This is the final installment of my series about how the porn industry banks. In this, I present some examples of how confusion is created within the system and how the affiliates are taken advantage of.

    Affiliates drive traffic to the site for a commission or pay per click, depending on the contract they signed. Regardless of this, the system tracks all activity related to clicks, sign-ups, navigation of the site and sales so that the affiliate is properly paid.

    If the customer cancels his account for any reason, payments stop going to the affiliate. If he closes his account and creates a new one, he is technically no longer the affiliate’s customer. The site no longer has to pay the affiliate. The payoff is especially sweet where customers with elaborate spending habits are concerned. That type of behaviour isn’t unheard of in our industry. How easy would it be to close and re-open an account? Create any little reason for the big spender customer to want to contact the site. The site then offers to, under the guise of ‘fixing the problem’, create him a new account entirely. Old account is gone, new account created. Just like that. That’s how easy it would be to eliminate the cost of having to pay affiliates. Pretty convenient. This can apply to any customer brought in by an affiliate.

    With this in mind, have a look at the screenshots below that I captured from the iFriends (V2) platform. In the first screenshot, I detail how relevant information is categorized in the customer cards; a basic overview. If you look closely, the numbers their system gave didn’t add up. Other oddities occurred, such as customers with multiple accounts, whose amounts don’t add up and instances where I was not paid for fan club sales and renewals. These are just a few examples. I can’t possibly show them all in one blog article. It would take too long. Keep in mind that I was used to help ‘test’, ‘break down’ and ‘report’ my findings to the site. These cards were only accessible from iFriends v2  (2008) but held information from several years prior, on the original iFriends platform.



    Below is a screenshot of a member who, according to iFriends’ system, joined the site on February 04, 2010. He spent between $100.00 and $500.00 on live videochat with me. Look at the next screenshot, one day later. His screenname is different (a “2” was added to the end of it) and through clicking a link provided to view “previous visits under other screennames with same e-mail or payment information” screenshotted over on the left of the image below, I was able to see his original handle listed but no indication of the previous amount spent in videochat. So his new account was attached (through this card) to his old one, yet the money spent drops off with the next handle. If it is under the same account, then why is it listed as such but the money spent disappears? What happens to the affiliate’s share, the person who should be paid for getting this member to sign up to the site in the first place? There is a certain convenience to the way data is logged on this site … and the way much of it is manipulated, not to mention extremely confusing and next to impossible to explain. You will need to look at the screenshots very carefully to understand fully what I am talking about.


    aguy169 aguy1692


    Here’s where the plot thickens. A third account is created on the same day as the previous one was. To recap; he originally signed up under AGUY169, then the very next day, it changed to AGUY1962. On the same day, changed it again to AGUY1963. If you click the link atop the original card, a window will pop up displaying more information on that customer. See left portion of screenshot under the header “Previous Visit(s) under other Screennames, with same email or payment information“. It shows only his original handle, not his most recent one prior. It should show all of his handles there but it doesn’t.




    Here’s the next one … in proper sequence, of course … (AGUY1964) with the same information.


    aguy1694I was paid for his videochat session on (report generated) February 22, 2010. In our minute-by-minute stats report, an asterisk appears beside each amount that gets collected by the site. We are only paid for the amounts the site is able to collect on. Initially, his amount cleared. Note: his charge in the stats report (screenshot below) for videochat sales didn’t appear under “AGUY196” but did under “AGUY1964”. Look at the screenshots I posted above, of the cards. That charge only appeared on “AGUY196”. Stats report and cards are not consistent.


    Strangely enough, after I was paid for this, the asterisk that was once there, had disappeared from the stats report. There were no refunds or chargebacks for this transaction.




    Here is another one, grey1beard, who spends money, both as a fan club member and in videochat sales, whose handle gets changed to grey_beard. Look carefully at the dates and handles.



    Below is another instance where the number “2” is inserted at the end of the member’s handle when a second account is created.

    rich877 rich8772



    The screenshot below shows a member who joined my fan club 3 times the same day. In fact, his signups were under 3 similar names and all within an approximate 2-hour span. This is not a member forgetting his password and creating a new account. These accounts are not showing any connection to each other whatsoever in their cards. So 3 separate members all decided to join my fan club in the same 2-hour span, choosing the same name, all except for one little digit at the end? How incredibly dense one must be to believe that. See screenshots below.






    To summarize, I’ve shown, in part 1, how iFriends take advantage of camgirls (also known as chathosts, hosts, models, performers). In part 2, I showed the usefulness of those so-called ‘glitches’ and the overbilling of members. In part 3, I have shown how they close members accounts to avoid having to pay affiliates. This completes my 3-part series on how this one site in particular banks.

    Stay updated with my blog because over the next few weeks I will be uncovering some doozies involving employees of Webpower Inc (iFriends), that’s sure to raise some eyebrows.


    • Elliot Ness 12:20 pm on February 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This looks a lot like a money laundering scheme and is clearly proof of the fraud perpetrated by Webpower Inc./Ifriends. You have to wonder how much money is paid by Webpwer Inc./Ifriends to keep the Florida State and US law enforcement from investigating this fraud! It also make you wonder how stupid the IRS can be , not to fully audit these crooks. Is it possible that our US law enforcement (FBI/DOJ) is so concentrated on terrorism that they allow fraud, even when reported, to run rampant in our country?


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    How The Porn Industry Banks (Part 2) 

    This is the second of a three-part series, involving the truth behind the adult industry’s camming world.

    In part one, I lightly touched on the mistreatment of camgirls by pimps in the industry. Now I’ll show how our customers are taken advantage of, by those same pimps.

    When a charge appears on John Doe’s credit card from a porn site for a purchase he did not make or one he was overbilled for, he has the choice to dispute it or suck up the loss. His ultimate decision is often based on principal, as the dollar amount is usually rather low. After all, a small erroneous charge pales in comprison to the public humiliation of having your good name attached to a legal battle with a porn site smack in the middle of it. This is where the opportunistic pigs of the porn industry capitalize. Playing on people’s vulnerabilities with such little risk allows them to continue to thrive.

    Below is an example of just one of several e-mail conversations I had with one particular site I worked for, concerning the overbilling of customers. Note: the $71.82 I mention below is my half. report1 report2

    Notice how they never addressed the overbilling issue in their response?

    The word “free” is used all over the site and in ads promoting it. To his utter delight, the customer is (rightfully) under the impression the credit card request is strictly for age verification purposes and therefore he needs not worry about charges. Once that card number is given, charges can (and often do) occur though.
    The website terms vaguely make mention of ‘premium areas’ and are loose overall with the wording. Anyone who actually takes the time to read them will discover paragraph after paragraph of legal protection. Despite this, a charge may occur, out of the blue, for a service the member never knew he was being charged for. The customer may even continue to be billed monthly, even yearly for a membership fee to the site if no action is taken to stop this.

    In many cases, it isn’t until the customer officially files a complaint in public forums (such as and that the site responds with anything other than denial. Sometimes, an anonymous person (with a strong, aggressive desire to defend the site) will try to project the blame onto the customer, whose “dick in hand”, as they say, prevented him from thinking clearly or reading the fine print stating he was being charged. The customer had time though, despite “dick in hand”, to find his credit card and enter all the pertinent information it took to sign up. By then, I suppose it is safe to assume anything “in hand” would have shrunk a great deal. So, when he finally gets around to entering the girl’s room, after the credit-card signup process, that excuse of “dick in hand” can really no longer apply. Unless he is on Viagra and has one of those 4-hour long erections. Perhaps he doesn’t want to play ‘read the 5,000 character small print from boring beginning to boring end’. After all, most people assume it’s just legal stuff and skip to the ‘enter’ button, only to be met with a surprise charge on his credit card. He was told everywhere it was free (in BIG BOLD print too)! If he’s pissed off enough, needs to let off steam or believes it might actually help, his next course of action would be to file a complaint online.
    Many did:
    Below is a link to a typical complaint, along with the site’s response. Despite claims that the customer “chose” to access the pay-per-view area, iFriends offered a full refund of his money. Is that what “100% commitment to customer satisfaction” means? They will refund your money even if you’re clearly wrong and they’re right? They would have filed for Chapter 11 or gone bankrupt long ago if they actually had to settle with every customer they ripped off and not just the ones who caught them and went public with it.

    There are a lot of he-said/she-said instances here, so even taking it with a grain of salt, it’s pretty safe to assume a fraction of those 498 complaints against them are legitimate. I can attest to the fact that it was hard, as articulate as I am, to locate the per-min rate. It was hardly distinguishable from that legal text on the Enter page. The word FREE was splattered everywhere yet the per min rate was in small print, nestled in what appeared to be legal mumbo jumbo in the middle of a long paragraph. Conveniently, the type of wording people often skip past. The charge per/min is extremely easy to miss unless you actually enjoy reading legal terms on a sex site when a girl is waiting for you in a much-promoted ‘free’ room just a mouse-click away.

    What guy in his right mind wouldn’t (with free sex on the brain, because that is what was promised) want to rush past all the legal crap right into that room where a naked girl awaits him? So perhaps in a sense, he does have “dick in hand”, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the per/min fees were furtively placed.

    The kicker was that even though the trickery was completely the site’s doing, the girl earning 50% had to absorb all chargebacks and refunds. The site’s deceptive play on words and game of ‘find the per min rate’, despite our many complaints about this in their own forums to them, never gained us any ground and they never changed a thing in that wording. Zero integrity.

    The word ‘volunteer’ comes to mind when thinking back at all the refunds and chargebacks I have had to incur working on that site. The girls are the ones who lose their time. The site loses nothing. Our earnings don’t include an hourly wage, just 50% commission. The work was physically draining at times and difficult in some cases where customers pushed us to our physical limits. We performed all sorts of nasty things only to find a lot of those sessions didn’t clear, charged back or disappeared from our stats altogether. The site still profited. They had a program in place the whole time that recorded every single session ever created on their platform, many which were edited and put up for sale outside the platform. The sites selling those were owned by the owner of iFriends himself along with his two partners, iFriends’ accountant and their lawyer in a company called RMTinfo, (bought under Responsible Media Technologies, LLC). All three are partners in a business that sells sex videos of us all over the internet. And in case you’re wondering, no, the performer never sees a cent from those sales. She is told this is the work of affiliates. Let’s look a little closer at RMT.

    About RMT (Responsible Media Technologies, LLC):
    RMT here on Trademarkia’s site lists three owners – iFriends’ owner (Hadhazy), accountant (Albers) and lawyer (Kayton) together in a partnership. If you’re unfamiliar with these names, then note the address, 7765 Lake Worth Rd #341. That’s iFriends.
    What that partnership represents is anyone’s guess but this should provide a clue …
    Hint: if you view screenshot history, as seen on this page (, you will see on top as the screenshot they chose as representing the site TotallyFreeCams (yet shown as being owned by Webpower, Inc, iFriends here in the official ownership records

    This is the screenshot on the far right of the same page (, shows the dot com and llc are one in the same, not two separate entities. For anyone who might be confused (and rightfully so).


    This is how they bank.

    Let’s scoot back over to RipoffReport’s website to compare the number of complaints against them versus one of their biggest and oldest competitors.

    Those are a lot of complaints, even considering one of those sites was in business 5 years longer than the other. Let’s compare them to one of the internet giants then. Take Microsoft, for example, who have been around a lot longer and are far more hated than iFriends. Even Microsoft, as big as they are, only double iFriends in number of pissed off customers. Again, these complaints can’t all be wrong.

    It wouldn’t be fair to omit the overbilling of the customers though. It is, after all, a huge part of the site’s success. Years worth of the same so-called glitches that were never fixed, leads one to wonder if they were purposely put there. Any sane person would say “Why would they do that? Surely they would lose money.” But would they?

    There are few reasons a site would deliberately create glitches. Here’s some insight into how the billing works, in conjunction with the videochat timer and then a very interesting observation;

    When a member enters the room, he is immediately charged the rate of one minute, regardless of whether he stays the full minute or not. So he’s watching a hot girl on cam when all of a sudden, her video freezes. He either clicks the back browser intending to re-enter the room, thinking it was his connection, or he just refreshes the page. The charge stops at that point and a new charge is created once he re-enters the room. He likely doesn’t realize that a simple refresh creates a brand new charge (extra minute tacked on) even though he did not technically leave the room. It’s the stop and start of video buffering that causes the system to reboot the timer, but an ongoing ‘glitch’ is what created the need to re-try the page in the first place. Convenient. In fact, each time he clicks to refresh the page (and he will if the video freezes a lot), a new charge with that extra minute applies. Why fix glitches? Just tell the customers it’s their internet connection or the girl’s. Too often, no one is the wiser. The time of entry can go back as far as 2 minutes, in fact. Never quite understood that myself but then we’re not given the seconds to look at. Conveniently. Look at this poor guy’s charges. I’m sure this was the result of his internet connection, or perhaps my own. Yeah, that’s it. Spiteful little bastards, aren’t they? Those internet service providers! Oh but I shouldn’t jump to that assumption when it could just as easily have been the pig jumping over the moon interfering with his connection to the site. Maybe it’s Maybelline. What do you think? I have tons more screenshots. This is just a sample.


    So, a few bucks here and there, right? No big deal. It could, in fact, even be legal. I’m not a lawyer. What do I know? Add up all those charges though and at the end of a very eventful day, glitches are certainly not their worst enemy, are they? Remember, these glitches get reported all the time, yet they don’t get fixed. Convenient. Adds up to big numbers. Do the math. This is a site that boasts members in the millions, by the way. Now do the math.

    When a customer kicks up a stink over a charge (or several) they never agreed to, typically the site will negotiate a refund and widdle it down to an amount that satisfies the customer, should he be brave enough to threaten court action. The site eventually agrees to a full refund of everything the customer spent, if they feel the threat is real. Any sort of judicial intervention would likely result in a criminal investigation and that’s a can of worms this particular site must work hard to avoid at all costs.

    For every one John Doe that complains publicly, there are thousands who don’t. Once again, the site banks … and the money is insane.

    In some instances of overbilling, even the girls were blamed. To clear the air on this, the girls do not bill the customer. The one to go after is that name beside the credit card charge. So when a camgirl is blamed for a wrongful charge or overbilling of any sort, know it is not her doing and feel free to dispute the charge with your bank, then take action to replace that card with an entirely new one (see below advice). Unless you trust a company who you know to be liars, with your credit card information.

    Defensive behavior is typical of someone taking advantage of you. It presents itself in their reactions and mannerisms over time. I learned this the hard way. Keep an eye out for those who appear exceptionally talented at shifting the blame onto others, usually in a condescending manner. When alerting them to existing problems seems pointless, you can be certain they are well aware. Initially, they will play dumb and when they realize that isn’t working, they shift to denial mode, pointing the finger at the performers, the customers, the weather, internet connections, the alignment of the moon and stars before checking into it or accepting any responsibility for it possibly being their end. Sounds familiar?

    Some things to keep in mind:

    If you must visit a camming site, or have a favorite girl that you like to support and enjoy time with, only use a debit credit card. This allows you to control the amount that can be billed to you and if left empty afterward, helps to avoid recurring charges that may suddenly appear at a later date. Watch for overbillings. Be diligent when it comes to charges on your card.

    If you’re ever screwed over by a porn site:

    1) If you used a credit card to sign up, and were overcharged on that card (more than once), cancel it immediately. Have your bank issue you a new one with an entirely different number sequence. Same goes for debit credit card users. Remember, you only have 90 days to dispute a charge with your credit card company.

    2) Without divulging any personal information, report it in detail, using an alias on either (or both) of these sites –

    3) File a complaint with the FBI’s IC3 division. The more reports they receive against a particular company, the more they will be forced to take action.

    4) File a complaint with the BBB. They can’t afford to have too many complaints here. They’ll settle quickly, like they did with this guy …


    In part 3, I will be discussing how they bank on the affiliates. You might want to grab some hot buttered popcorn for that one. Stay tuned.

    Comments or questions? Please feel free to contact me publicly or privately on Twitter (@amanda36c) or by e-mail (

    • Artlessly Creative 1:35 pm on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Are you seriously complaining about ifriends? You’re lucky they allowed you to come back. I would think being banned from as many sites as you have, you would reevaluate your position in life.


      • amanda36c 7:27 pm on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        No, I’m not complaining, I’m exposing your frauds. I’m “lucky” they allowed me to come back? So you can steal from me? Use me to report the many “doozies” of glitches so that you could better hide the thefts? You mentioned “many” sites? I’d say both the sites you’re referring to are one and the same, closely in bed together. Let’s just call a spade a spade. “Reevaluate” my position in life? This isn’t about me. Why turn this on me? This is a classic example of the ‘blame game’ I was referring to so much in the above article. Thanks you for making my point. Perhaps you should reevaluate the way you treat others. You know what you have to do. Look at your comment. Who’s the one that needs help? Come on …


        • Artlessly Creative 10:28 pm on October 12, 2015 Permalink

          Who is the “you”, you are referencing? Certainly you don’t think I’m affiliated with ifriends do you?


        • amanda36c 9:18 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink

          Your ip shows you out of Florida, you are quite defensive of them and the anger I am sensing in your replies tell me you are taking my article very personally. Where from do I draw that obvious conclusion? You are a barrel of laughs. Thanks for entertaining my readers.


      • Sexy Princesses 8:40 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Wow, what a shitty little comment to leave on Amanda’s blog when she’s simply trying to shed light on unethical behavior in the adult industry. Like, who the fuck are you? I’m glad that Amanda is smart, strong and not easily discouraged by such abusive behavior. I personally feel extremely lucky that a camgirl exists who isn’t just passive and acknowledges/EXPOSES that these scumbags exist.


        • amanda36c 9:41 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink

          Thank you, for not being afraid to post your thoughts. There is no way I would give anyone up to the scum in this industry anyway but people often feel the need to hide for fear of losing traffic or being blacklisted in this industry (and rightfully so). These people certainly do feel very adamant about defending iFriends. Hmmm.


        • lol 7:51 pm on January 23, 2016 Permalink

          Too bad you are amanda. still the same since the studio days.


        • amanda36c 11:33 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink

          Wow, you think I made up the name Sexy Princesses, just so that I could post on my own blog? Newsflash – that’s your game, not mine. You’re the one commenting on my articles, not the other way around. This is my blog and I post as Amanda36c here. I stand behind everything I write and everything even remotely questionable is backed up with screenshots and links. You’re the one coming in here with these useless, insignificant insults and accusations, nothing more.

          It’s also interesting how you toss around accusations of me pretending to be someone else when you use a proxy service to hide your ip. You sure do go through a lot of trouble (proxy to change your ip, fake email address to post this, fake name and useless comment) just to post to my blog.

          If this is another of your ridiculous and baseless attempts to discredit me, you really should consider a career change. Pretending to know me from my ‘studio days’? You’ve got to do better than that. I’ve mentioned many times, in the iFriends forums as well as all over the internet, where I got my start, so the fact that I worked in a studio isn’t exactly classified information.

          Listen up idiot … who you are is obvious. Get over the paranoia. It will only make you look as guilty as you are. For the record, Sexy Princesses is not me. You can choose to believe me … or don’t. I really couldn’t care less what you think. I have a life to go live now, so I suggest you do the same.


      • Elliot Ness 12:04 pm on February 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Artlessly Creative,

        Strange how you used the word “come back” in your statement, ” You’re lucky they allowed you to come back.” instead of the word go back. The use of the word come back implies that you are with Ifriends where as you should have used “go back” in order to show the opposite. This is how a person who is not connected to Webpower Inc./Ifriends would have said it. In your haste to rush into Amanda’s blog to discredit and insult her, you made a critical error in your word choice and clearly pointed out that you are with Webpower Inc./Ifriends. According to Amanda’s information, your IP actually shows out of Florida, only cements the obvious connection. Why doesn’t Allan E Hadhazy just pay the people he steals from instead of playing the childish PR games?


    • Matty 9:32 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      These pieces of shit ripped me off with their “Free” bullshit. The paid areas on their site are not marked boldly and despite looking very carefully, I couldn’t find the per minute rates for the girls. My CC was getting charged long after I stopped going to their site. I even cancelled my membership in a big star’s fanclub but ifriends charged me for three extra months after the date. I confronted their customer service people about my charges only to be offered a credit to use on their site. They took my money without my permission and then tried to get me to spend the money on their site that I never wanted to in the first place. I told them I was going to the police about their extortion and they agreed to refund me all my money. ifriends had my money for over 6 months before I received it back. I cancelled my CC immediately after receiving the money back. I now refuse to give my CC to any porn site anymore. Why aren’t the police investigating them? How is ifriends even still around? People should just stay away from these sites, they are criminals.

      Thanks for sharing!


    • Elliot Ness 10:17 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like you really struck a nerve Amanda. Ifriends had to send in their attack dog and try to spin doctor your blog article away from the topic of their scam. They seem to be pretty angry for a supposed innocent bystander. Their sole purpose is to focus the attention at the writer and get the readers to question your credibility and sanity. Zero proof to as why you are wrong or anything to debunk what you have shown about ifriends/webpower Inc.. The fraud must be weighing on them all very heavily and you, a past insider, is exposing their crimes. Can’t be very good for their scam/business. It could make the right people finally take the next step in auditing their companies.

      As for RMT, it is how the partners get their monies out of the scam. Isn’t it funny how RMT LLC is opened out of Las Vegas, NV but the websites’ domains all have an address in New Zealand. Don’t worry, Andy Kayton will make sure to change the info so as not to look like what you are saying is correct but he can’t change the Whois history records with ICANN.

      There is another well hidden company offshore that is supposedly owned and operated by someone else but it is Webpower Inc. that is really in control. This is where the IRS should start their criminal investigation.

      Amanda, why don’t you show people some of the screenshots that you showed me? They will leave no doubt that Ifriends are scamming customers, performers and affiliates.


      • amanda36c 10:47 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I did strike a nerve, didn’t I? At least I’m not the only one noticing this. No camgirl, affiliate or member has any reason to be so adamant about coming to the defense of a sex site that’s ripped everyone off under the sun. There is only one company interested in defending them. It’s apparent to everyone else, just not to them in the inner circle. As much as I’d like to show those screenshots, I’d rather not. I’ve shown them enough of what they need to hide. I’m not in the mood to do them any more favours. I do have a few that will knock their socks off though. Maybe even yours, Ness. That will go into my next blog, after I expose how they’ve screwed over the affiliates. I don’t want to leave anyone out here. Thanks for your insight. As always, very informative.


    • JB 11:35 am on November 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Here are JB’s comments on

      Hey Artlessly Creative,

      Your statement “Get fucking help before you end up committing suicide.” , makes your comment an insult so don’t pretend otherwise. As for you, supposedly being qualified as an expert because a schizophrenic family member committed suicide, I have an uncle that has run a cattle farm for over 45 years so that makes me a qualified expert to know BULLSHIt when I see it! You are a moron!

      Amanda is way too strong mentally and physically to let scumbags get the best of her. She has already proven you and the others wrong on so many occasions, it has become a real joke! Tell Allan E. Hadhazy et Al and Shawn Boday to stop sending such complete idiots to make ridiculous insults and comments on her blog posts. What’s wrong – they can’t get someone to ban Amanda from her own blog, like they did in the industry forums?


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