Verified Camgirls

For those wondering how camgirls are ‘verified’, let’s take a look at some hard facts.

Website owners, recruiters, agents and other members of the lowlife pimp club never miss an opportunity to seize the profits from lucrative content lingering about on their servers.
Content includes every video uploaded (promotional or ‘for members only’), every image (nude and clothed), every word (oral and written).

A contract is written up by the sites where the performer must sign prior to working on that site. The average camgirl skims over their 10-page contract, past all the parts that are there solely to protect the sites from damages such as lawsuits and ‘intellectual property’ rights. Covering their assets and asses quite well, these contracts are hardly an agreement between both parties; they’re more like a waiver. When the performer signs, it’s the equivalent to handing over ownership of her ‘intellectual property’ (content) to the site.

Imagine if the sites had all of our content and no longer had to pay the girls? The more programs like this I see, the more I’m convinced my ‘theory’ isn’t far off the mark …

If programs like this exist to fool members, how far would they go, with money being the motivator, to fool the camgirls as well?
Would they go as far as to impersonate camgirls in an effort to gain support in the community? Influence them? This would enable them to control which sites the girls work, through advice in adult industry forums and social networking, asking and answering questions amongst themselves, knowing they have the attention of real camgirls browsing conversations, Googling terms related to traffic and revenues on sites that they work on.

Let’s not forget this old program, CamDecoy, they’ve since hidden quite well.

Back to my point. Programs like these have long been in circulation. They don’t only serve to fool members by using previously captured and edited videos of camgirls, calling it ‘live’ and charging accordingly, but they are also fooling camgirls by using their content without their consent, knowledge or paying them the percentage agreed upon in our contracts and/or agreements. Who stands to profit from these programs, faking live webcams for profit? There are a ton of similar programs floating about in the dark recesses of the internet. If you look hard enough, you will find them. Hint: To find where the cockroaches hang out, learn to think like a cockroach.

Thanks to the slimeballs of this industry and their underhanded schemes, there is no certainty when it comes to verifying camgirls and I wouldn’t trust anyone who claims they have a way. Not as long as programs like these exist. I don’t think there is a need to mention that the sites already have all pertinent personal information on us. Something tells me they wouldn’t hesitate to use it. There is no low they wouldn’t sink to in the name of the almighty buck. Let’s not forget, that’s what it’s all about.