Something I Said?

kylefreemind: you guys want a quick whack and you know what put money where your dick is, cheap bastards

I love it when they verbalize my thoughts!


Rocket_Scientist_22: you seem to be very intelligent, such a turn on

He may have had an ulterior motive, but coming from a “rocket scientist”, how can I not take this as a compliment?


alexdaman3000: Oh my…Are you an alien? because you just abducted my heart.

Does this guy have a book of pick-up lines or does he select them from memory (from some time back  in the 80’s)?


larry: your site is suppose to notify me when yoiu’re on.  didn’t get it thats why i missedsn it

My site? Streamate? Interesting. Hey Streamate, care to explain this?


FlopRyu: my dick crazy streched

Sometimes, they just leave us scratching our heads and other times, completely and utterly speechless.