Members Say The Funniest Things

It isn’t always me entertaning the members; sometimes it’s them entertaining me. Here are some examples:


laqwert55: spank my turtle and call me susan!!!!!

He seemed to have had a good explanation for that comment.

laqwert55: ur boobs screwed my brain



I’m sometimes therapeutical!

byroot06: your dance is good for my erection



I believe in the freedom to choose.

rodrigue17: do you like if i put a big toy in my ass hole?



This had to have been the funniest comment in my room last night.

Blond79: can u show me sothing for fre



His use of ALL-CAPS was a warning sign.

Thepilot19: HOW OLD ARE YOU

So, I asked him how old he thought I looked. To my pleasant surprise, his reply …

Thepilot19: MID 20S

Seriously, when you’re turning 44 in 3 weeks and someone thinks you’re in your mid-twenties, no matter the circumstances, no matter what their possible motive, hug that person! 



I’m not quite sure what I did or said to spark this response but if I had been drinking something, it would have been all over the wall in front of me!

 hotrod2011: was it my breath?



It didn’t look like a Gold Show was going to ensue, due to the low number of members in my room, so I mentioned that I may have to cancel and this member chimed in, with the solution (if only they all thought the same way!) …

hotrod2011: want me to go out and recruit



A member (though he never spent anything in my room, particularily), made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse … refuse to have a good chuckle over, that is!

jeang2: would it be faster for me to come at ur place ?

I told him “no” and that I have a boyfriend. His solution (gotta love their solutions) …

im not jalous

Whew! That’s what I was really worried about. You being jealous, dude. Let me just loosen my bra now and exhale a huge sigh of relief!



That, my dear friends, is a day in the life of a camgirl.