A Warning to all Camgirls

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in websites posing as camgirls in an effort to control us (or try to) with techniques better known as bullying/harrassment, even a mild influence, in some cases, works. Girls, don’t fall for it. Not everyone out there who claims to be camgirls are indeed camgirls; many are webpimps, using one of his girls’ pics in forums to pose as a camgirl. It’s just easier when you’re a camgirl, to gain confidence/trust within the community when you’re ‘one of us’, so what better way to get on the inside and control things to brainwash people into doing things they otherwise might have reservations toward? The anonymity of the internet allows this to take place almost effortlessly. Be aware of what’s going on, especially when you’re considering joining a ‘promoted’ new camming site. They govern all communities and try to control every aspect of what goes on.


Some of the signs to watch for, regardless of whether or not they are a ‘verified camgirl’ (a large load of bs, as far as I’m concerned), are:


1) Bullying attitude. Real camgirls aren’t bullies. We don’t tell others what to do. There’s nothing in it for us, no reason for us to be mean about it. That is a control tactic. You will recognize it when you see it.

2) Insulting behavior. They will take it upon themselves to be rude and insulting. Again, a bullying tactic.

3) Promoting new websites heavily. Always posting to threads which talk about this website, months after this thread was first posted, just to keep it on top. Claiming to have used or be using the site successfully, yet when you check, you never see them there.

4) Someone who claims to be a camgirl yet you can’t seem to find her camgirl name in a Google search or on any camsite. Or, if you do, she’s never live or hasn’t worked in 3 years.

5) She has ‘friends’ quick to defend her in forums, when anyone questions who she is or anything pertaning to where she cams, etc. I like to refer to these as ‘defensive forwards’ because of their need to control and bully, but at the same time, have back-ups ready, at the drop of a hat, to defend them, when necessary.


What do they gain from this? A slew of girls to follow their lead and sign up to websites that they created, so that they can steal the content created on that platform and run off with that and sometimes even the money made from the camgirls. Close up shop and then do it all over again, under another name, of course and another company entirely. It’s a new trend in fly-by-night camsites that are screwing girls left, right and center. DON’T fall for it.

Signed, a camgirl with 15 years experience in the industry. I own amanda36c.com, the Twitter account amanda36c and Skype under amanda36c. Find me there and ask me anything, if you’d like to ‘verify’ my camgirl status! I’m the real deal. Just issuing a heads-up to those who aren’t aware of what’s really going on.

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