Fishing Expedition: Fail

Since I’ve decided to make Skype shows my main source of camming income, I have been approached by some pretty arrogant people, inquiring about how much I earn.

Below is a screenshot of a Facebook conversation that began on September 24th, 2014. Admittedly, I often forget to check that message section reserved for people not on your friends list. For the most part, which contain little more than “hi bb” messages.

This unusual and unpleasant approach is commonplace in our industry, This treatment is part of the brainwashing that occurs daily in and around the platforms we work on, as well as in social networking circles.

Again, who has the arrogance to even ask such a question and in such a rude way, demand an answer and become frustrated when one to their liking, is not given? After being given honest, friendly advice (despite the fact that I could have easily dismissed this as something that was none of their business in the first place), the tone turns to a hateful, manipulative one. Expecting an answer about what I earn is the kind of arrogance that unfortunately, I have grown very accustomed to, in recent years in this industry. Since camgirls have started performing independent Skype shows, questions about earnings have been popping up in forums everywhere and though there is a curiosity amongst camgirls, we are not the ones concerned because for the most part, we assume nobody is going to be honest about what they earn. It’s none of anyone’s business! When did it suddenly become everyone’s business what everyone else earns? Since the sites lost camgirls to Skype. So, who’s really doing the asking?

Here’s the conversation between myself and the (obvious) webpimp fishing for info concerning my earnings and whose Facebook account disappeared immediately following this conversation. As his frustration mounts, that familiar arrogance begins to surface (as it always does). Can’t even seem to keep to one story either.