More Private than Guestchat!

     Last night was interesting. I actually spent more time in private than I did in regular guest chat. The guys in guest chat were nice, for the most part, discussing hockey, life, normal things. I did have to block a couple though. One, who asked others to give me gold and ignored me completely when I explained to him how cheap that sounds, since he himself hasn’t given anything. Isn’t that like someone going to a restaurant and asking other people to order food, so that he may mooch off their plates, never having to pay a cent himself? He ignored me and started rambling on about something else now, which made no sense to anyone except perhaps the other person in his head. I did the logical thing – blocked him.  The next guy wrote something creepy enough to make me want to block him. Yoursohot typed: ” i would fuk you everyday if you had aids and beg you for it you sexy fukker xx”. Sometimes, my patience is in abundance. Other times, it’s in short supply. I can’t fathom how, in anyone’s book, this could be a compliment, though from some sicko’s point of view, there lies a thin possibility. I’d just rather not have someone talk to me this way. It’s my choice, who I want to associate with and who I don’t. If someone said that to me in real life, I’d run for the hills! That’s just me though.

Some people are really sweet though and at the risk of sounding like I’ve got the rose-colored glasses on, I have to admit, I enjoy compliments like this one, from a member in guest chat. TheUniverseSaid wrote: “I dont even need to see your boobs,cause I love your personality…but I will give you gold anyway:-)”. Stuff like this (proceeded by a donation of Gold, of course) just makes my night and my hockey fans are the best. I actually find myself looking forward to signing in to work after a big game because I know I have a following who just love to talk hockey. Even the trash-talk is fun. Just don’t tell them I said that. 😉