The Streamate-Owned Studios Win Again!

It’s hard not to win, when you own the casino … and all the tables within it.

A member, in my chatroom wrote this:










A member, that follows me on Twitter, wrote this:


I knew there was something wrong when my traffic started to drop, in large numbers. Then, members started telling me there were ;’glitches’ and asking “where have you been?”, after finally seeing me online, after months. Then, they started telling me about how they keep getting booted from my room and how they get booted from private. After the tenth time, they stop believing it’s “their connection” or “the internet” or whatever the excuse of the day happens to be.

It appears my members no longer have the luxury of  a session with the girl of their choice (if that happens to be me) because some convenient ‘glitch’ is constantly there, preventing  me from showing up in the listings or on his ‘favorites list’.

What do Streamate members do, in this case? Go back to the main page to select another girl? Perhaps one in the first 4 rows, which all just happen to be studios and ‘agencies’ that pay the girls less than 35% (newbies that don’t know any better)?  You really think forcing members out of one girl’s room into another will work? I’ve even been told by a member that you sent him right out of my room into another girl’s room!

This is your customer retention plan? Good luck keeping members at this rate. People prefer choice, not to be ‘advised’ where to spend their money. You may have been able to pull the wool over the girls’ eyes with your promises of “higher traffic for less commission” game, but when members catch on to the bullshit being played with them, they will not stick around. With all the freedoms Americans hold so dearly, good luck forcing them into your agency girls’ rooms.

No member will be happy about being forced to choose a studio (or ‘agency’) girl just because he can no longer access the girl of his choice and when he gets the blood rushing to his big head again, he’s out of there like a shot out of a cannon. He will leave the site entirely. Just because some girls have opted to take the deal with the devil; to accept a lower commission rate in exchange for that higher volume of traffic, doesn’t mean members are as complacent or accepting of the bullshit handed down to them.”Manipulation/interference/anti trust” of traffic is nowhere to be seen in the contract I signed.


Nothing else matters, huh Streamate?