The Untouchables

Over the years, I have witnessed, both directly and indirectly, harassment, bullying, skimming,, what appears to be possible money laundering, malfeasance, corporate sabotage, corporate fraud, etc., all within the adult industry. Most of what I mentioned is still occurring, despite many reports to the proper law enforcement officials.

Is the adult industry untouchable? Does law enforcement turn a blind eye to what’s going on inside the confines of this industry for fear of public mockery? Is it more from shame and embarrassment of having to address the media with the filth otherwise known as *gasp* “internet porn”? What would their involvement in solving crimes in the adult industry mean to the public? Don’t they take some sort of pledge to uphold the law? Perhaps there is a stipulation that excludes the adult industry in there somewhere.

What about the millions of Americans  who had money taken from their credit cards when they never made the purchase in the first place? What about those who saw a double billing and kept quiet, in the same manner and for the very same reasons law enforcement remains silent? These are deemed ‘fraud’. The great Department Of Justice’s Operation Chokepoint targets these very crimes. So, where are they in all of this?

These scumbags prey on the vast majority of people whose fear of being ridiculed overshadows any faith in the law actually doing something about it.  Besides, don’t we all know by now that when a crime is committed, several reports have to be  filed before any action is taken? What if everyone is too afraid to come forward? Will people ever get together in numbers to fight for money owed to them, for their own rights or is it just easier to sweep in all under the rug, to keep their name and reputation intact? People today are more likely to walk away and the scumbags know that. They count on people doing nothing and the more people do nothing, the more these scumbags continue to get away with this.


The lawless adult industry. A fraudster’s playground. I guess ‘we the people’ have spoken.